A movie that I actually tried as to what bullets would be if I shoot a gun underwater

At the beginning of the movie "Private Ryan" there are scenes that soldiers who jump into the sea aim for landing and are penetrated by bullets that have progressed underwater, while jumping into the sea to escape from enemies with guns There is also a movie called. Actually, I am concerned about how the bullet bulges in the water.Vuurwapen BlogA blog called "Glock 22We released the movie which confirmed what the trajectory would be like to be released on YouTube by releasing it underwater.

Glock 22 Underwater High Speed ​​Video - YouTube

I started with a gun in the water. By the way, Mr. Andrew who is doing this experiment isMarine Corps with FleetIt seems to be a noncommission officer.

When pulling the trigger, the drill type bubbles boiled from the muzzle.

Bullet further advanced, bubbles shaped like a funnel.

Bullets passed through bubbles and proceeded forward, and bubbles remained in a giant bullet-like shape.

However, bullets lost momentum and bubbles collapsed.

The explosive in the bubble looks dark

On the other hand, the bullet started to sink with weight.

So, "The bullets do not advance much in the water" is correct.

If there is momentum like a rifle bullet, although it will progress to some extent in the water, it seems that it is still about 2 m. Also, when you shoot at the water surface, the angle changes on the surface of the water, so it seems difficult to shoot the dunking partner.

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