"IPod nano" newly equipped with multi-touch compliant 2.5-inch display, "iPod touch" appeared in 5 color variations

"IPod nano" evolved to a design close to the iPhone series, including a new home button and also supporting multi-touch. "IPod touch" was further thinner and lighter, and new models such as color variations and accessories were added were announced.

Apple - Event - Apple Special Event September 2012

The cumulative sales volume of the iPod series is 350 million units.

The old model is as follows.

The successive "iPod nano" series has evolved as follows.

And this is the latest iPod nano.

The thickness is 5.4 mm and 38% thinning achieved.

Play / pause, fast forward / rewind operation is possible between "+" and "-" of the volume button.

The display is 2.5 inches and supports multi touch.

Seven colors are available.

Also supports playback of video.

Preinstalled fitness app with pedometer.

It corresponds to the connection of external device by Bluetooth that there are many requests from users.

You can play music by connecting wirelessly with car audio as follows.

Next is the latest iPod touch that will be the fifth generation.

The appearance is as follows.

The thickness is 6.1 mm, the thinnest in the series.

The weight is 88 grams, this is also the lightest in the series.

The back side looks like this.

Equipped with the same A5 processor as the iPhone 4S.

Improved graphics processing ability.

As the "iPod touch", it is equipped with a camera with the name of the first iSight.

It has a 5 megapixel imaging element and has a bright lens with F value of 2.4.

Pictures taken actually are as follows.

Also supports panoramic shooting.

It is also possible to download "iPhoto" and retouch photos.

Also supports editing movies.

"IPod touch loop" strap included.

It will be prevented from falling by passing it up as shown below.

FaceTime HD (front camera) is 720p, face recognition is possible.

It supports Bluetooth 4.0 as well as 802.11a / b / g / n connection, and communication with the theoretical maximum speed of 150 Mbps is possible when using wireless LAN.

Audio assistant Siri is also available.

5 color variations.

In addition, the earphone is also improved.

He said that he spent three years designing the new model.

The following are new EarPods.

Volume control button.

The development scenery is as follows.

It is structured to deliver vibration of air directly to the ear with such a feeling.

The package is as follows. It is attached to "iPhone 5" "iPod nano" "iPod touch".

The price of the iPod series is 49 dollars for "shuffle", $ 149 for the new "nano", $ 199 for the 16 GB model of the old "touch", $ 249 for the 32 GB model, $ 299 for the new "touch" 32 GB model , The 64 GB model is $ 399, and the release date of the new model is scheduled for October.

In addition, the direct sales price of "iPod touch" at the Japanese Apple store is from 24,800 yen including tax, the direct sales price of "iPod nano" is 12,800 yen including tax. In both cases, online reservation reception starts from 14th September.

A part of the revenue is used for AIDS patients in Africa The RED model is a line up as a separate model from the five colors of regular lineup color variations.

Finally Cook CEO appeared. Introducing Foo Fighters as a special live guest.

The state of the live is as follows.

Cook CEO shake hands to visitors.

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