Free for a long time - No application required, NTT DoCoMo's maximum wireless LAN of 54 Mbps will be available for free "docomo Wi - Fi Permanent Free Campaign"

Today announced that "docomo Wi-Fi Permanent Free Campaign" will be free for a monthly fee of 315 yen for a period of September 1, 2012 through March 31, 2014 (Monday) .

Press announcement material: 'docomo Wi-Fi permanent free campaign' carried out | Notice | NTT docomo

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During the campaign period, NTT Docomo-designated packet flat-rate service such as "Xi Pake · Hodai Flat" or ISP service such as "sp mode", ISP option service "docomo Wi-Fi" For a certain user, a monthly charge of "docomo Wi - Fi" of 315 yen is made free for applications without application (automatically applying campaign if applicable conditions apply). Also, as long as the application conditions are satisfied continuously during the campaign period, the monthly usage fee of "docomo Wi - Fi" will continue to be free for 315 yen even after the campaign period ends

The targeted ISP service and option service are as follows.

In addition to the above-mentioned designated service, free campaigns are applied automatically for those who apply for the following plans automatically.

◆ Data plan
Xi data plan flat
Xi data plan flat
Xi data plan light
To Xi data plan light
Flat flat rate data plan
Flat-rate data plan Flat value

◆ Packet flat-rate service
Xi Pake-hodai flat
Xi Pake · hodai light
Pake · hodai flat
Easy Pake · hodai

The number of "docomo Wi - Fi" access points exceeded 30,000 access points on Friday, August 10, 2012, and it is expanding to about 38,000 access points as of August 20, 2012 We plan to increase it to about 70,000 access points in September of the year and expand it to about 12 - 150 thousand access points in March 2013.

Beginning October 1, 2012, the transfer amount regulation (up to 7 GB per month, the speed will be reduced to 128 kbps or it will be necessary to pay an additional fee of 2625 yen for every 2 GB) will be started In order to eliminate the complaints that would arise in those regulations, and as a link between further expansion of pinching bands due to the expansion of smartphones until further reinforcement construction etc., this heavy campaign appeared It seems to be one.

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