To prohibit magical selling such as spells and potions at the net auction

ByGabriela Camerotti

10-year old girl's grandmaOr,2 year old cousinWas exhibited,Dubious spaceshipIs the largest site of Internet auction that is exhibitedEBayHowever, it seems to prohibit the exhibition of magical products from September 2012.

EBay: 2012 Fall Seller Update - Category, Item Specifics and Catalog Updates

EBay bans sale of spells and hexes - Aug. 16, 2012

According to the description of "2012 Fall Seller Update" on the eBay homepage, prohibited are "advice, spelling, curse, magic, magic, magic, prayer, blessing service, magical drug, healing session" about. furtherPsychic ReadingSessions with tarot cards are also excluded from the category.

ByRaymond Larose

Is such a thing really exhibited? And who is there to buy? I think that, actually eBay's "Spells, Potions"Items around 6000 were displayed in the category of" The best spellcaster among eBay, "it was very easy to understand", "The reply was quick and response was prompt," from the buyer Things, "I bought four spells, which I highly recommend!"There seems to be a proper comment after purchase.

Furthermore, at the same time as magic, work by the home business and information material goods are also subject to prohibition of exhibition because fraud damage etc. are likely to occur.

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