Headline news on August 3, 2012

TV anime broadcast in 1998 "Cowboy Bebop"ButBD-BOXIt will be released on December 21. The first limited edition includes 32P booklets, OP · 1 story · ED contest draft, jacket illustration postcard collection, raw comic film, writing novels describing spikes and jet encounters encountered by Keiko Shimamoto who wrote the script DVD "Cowboy Bebop Extra Session" and further image benefits are included and tax included 30,750 yen. On Amazon.co.jp, Amazon Limited Edition with Jacket Illustration Postcard Plus, Bonus DVD 2 "FUTURE BLUES", Special Fabric Poster, Amazon Special Illustration BOX with Amazon Jacket Illustration Postcard Plus is available on Amazon.co.jp Circle). The shop front reservation deadline is November 13th.

By the way, GIGAZINE of one year ago wrote such an article.

TOP 10 - GIGAZINE Games that have changed one step or two steps from the royal road

Inmate handmade tools, such as those used for actual jailbreak plan 15 pieces - GIGAZINE

A couple wedding ceremony by programming "virtual pastor" - GIGAZINE

◆ Story (memo · various others)
My name is "Mita" but Windows was nicknamed - Golden Times

Append "Proudly ○ ○" to the proverb to become an Apple product - a painful believer (No ∀ `)

1: Below, VIP will be sent instead of Nameless []: 2012/08/02 (Thu) 13: 58: 28.41 ID: Uy5cC98K0
Even monkeys fall from trees
And at an alarming speed


2: Here and below, VIP will send you a nameless []: 2012/08/02 (Thu) 13: 59: 36.98 ID: MBjb6sDe0
From the second floor eye drops
And in an amazing amount

It is troubled by my cat's becoming a beautiful girl day by day. <<2ch ('· ω · `) What is it? - 2 Channels Summary Blog

Whether "Shozakanai Shogakukan" is an ant? | Blogs where hair has grown in stupid

【Reading notes】 My baby is too young Warota wwwwwww: Kini speed

Painful news (No ∀ `): 【Akita】" The most dangerous bird in the world "Hikidori Fear of harming deserters - Livedoor blog

◆ Science (science · academic · technology)
Declining pace of tuberculosis, leaving dull ... Reduced by 580 persons from the previous year: Science: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)

Wooden percussion instruments with red and blue boards wrapped in rubber strings are "Michals" or "castanet" - Final defense line 2

Music proclaims athletes 'legitimate narcotics', ability improvement in research | speech of the world | Reuters

◆ Society, Politics, Economy (Incidents · World News · Business)
Death sentence: to two people Executive Democratic administration to a total of seven - daily jp (Mainichi Shimbun)

Sharp with a market capitalization of 296.5 billion yen has revised down to the final deficit of 250 billion yen and starts counting down to Elpida Memory Course with a settlement that is too oversubscribed: Market situation Kabu full force 2 stories

Sharp: Reduce 5000 people "One LCD" weakness - Everyday jp (Mainichi Shimbun)

Asahi Shimbun Digital: Smoking at the workplace, obligation to remove regulations Democratic and LDP, bill amendment - politics

US securities mis-order 34 billion yen loss NHK News

And, in order to solve this misleading order, I made a reverse trading, but revealed that I eventually had a loss of 440 million dollars (340 million yen in Japanese yen).
This is four times the annual final profit of Night Capital, and the company is being forced to shake its management, for example by quickly considering measures to strengthen its financial base.

To protect consumption tax and newspaper culture and democracy: editorial · column: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)

European countries adopt a reduced tax rate that keeps VAT on newspapers and books low.

In order to protect typographic culture and democracy, Japan should also introduce a reduced tax rate by raising the consumption tax rate this time.

NHK news near the bridge of traffic restriction 1400

Fired a camp instructor for 'fasting' reason, French municipal international news: AFPBB News

The four people who were fired were hired as temporary staff for the sports camp management hosted by the town Genevilliers (Genevilliers) in the suburbs of the capital Paris (Southwest France). However, on July 20, the first day of Ramadan, he was told that he was dismissed from the inspector who came to the camp, saying that he was putting the children in danger by not taking meals and moisture during the day.

"Democratized Plush Doll" Died Dictator Furious: International: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)

Asahi Shimbun Digital: Asahi Shimbun newsletter Helicopter reports to Laser Mining and Ministries - Society

【Tokyo】 70-year-old man got a 6-year old girl into a field for obscenity purpose arrested: disgusting kinchi cash register

170: Mr. Nanashi @ 13th anniversary 2012/08/03 (Fri) 09: 18: 57.88 ID: 9Unl1KTq0
I can not rest assured that it is a watching overseer team who is uproaring when I go to school

Summarized news: former lecturer who docked with junior high school student who attended junior high school who had worked "We were associating with students, we did not know that students are under 13" → arrested for rape

【2ch】 New speed quality: Korea requests apology and compensation for the Olympic Committee

【2ch】 New speed quality: ask sushi at the London Olympics → No reason for soy sauce: Soy sauce manufacturer is not a sponsor

Sharp 's official twitter is settling shock "(' -`) .. oO (today can sleep ...) "Stop cheap" ('- `) .. oO (today is hard to tweet)": market situation full power 2 Story

India's weak point where the blackouts hit the light

Information on Kagoshima is likely to encourage prejudice by Minami Nippon Shimbun - Editorial: [Developmental Disorder and Judgment]

In the trial judgment of a male accused in Osaka city who was charged with murder of murdering her sister, the Osaka District Court recognized that the crime was affected by Asperger 's syndrome, which is a type of pervasive developmental disorder, and was sentenced to 16 years in prison He sentenced 20 years of prison sentence exceeding the request.

The ruling exceeding the prosecution's request is unusual. There are fears of repeat offense from two points that the defendant is not sufficiently repentant and the relative is refusing to live with the defendant "," It is a long time to accommodate in prison and deepen internal reflection as a society It also contributes to the maintenance of order. "

Admitting that the cause of the crime was the responsibility of the defendant's fault which is not the responsibility of the defendant, it is possible to encourage prejudice against disability by handling an unusual sentence. It is natural that experts who are familiar with developmental disorders are saying that there is "prejudice towards disability and no understanding".

Activist invades uranium facility for nuclear weapons, temporarily closed | Reuters

◆ Lifestyle (life, life, health)
Retirement notification has been sent to his boss when he retires, wwwwwwwww: Kini speed

VIPPER I: a word that college students often say

10 English expressions that native truly uses since I started living abroad | Waiwai English conversation

Unbearable lightness of "black company" - Non-Japanese communication

Even though the voters chose Watami exclusively for black in black, the organizer chose another company. "Listening to the public 's voice" or something is quite various nowadays, but how should such a selection be evaluated? Even though it is not the whole citizen, it was Watami that people who wanted to vote with more or less interest had chosen Watami, but the organizers chose other companies, not Watami. In a sense, it can be said as a result of ignoring the public opinion. On the organizer side, after deciding the result, it may have been a form of voting. Regardless of the result of the vote, it seems that scenarios were drawn from the beginning with Tokyo Electric Power Co., Ltd., which is to be raised as a black company award.

Where is funny "40 year old retirement system" - モ ジ ロ グ

Otaku fashion, whole body UNIQLO man: philosophy news nwk

"30,000 yen monthly business" - a nice song singing

"Ainu people spring spring and autumn" (written by Dr. Suidobashi) | Bullying problems telling autobiography ~ "Laughter problem and bullying problem" Full text release - - Book stories WEB

I went snowboarding at a high school class meeting the other day, but it was hell: it was awesome

Tokyo newspaper: Two people living, "Persons with disabilities and the elderly" are absent from watching households: Society (TOKYO Web)

Best spirit occupation vest 10 | Life Huck Channel 2

"I will let you" syndrome and reasons for misuse | beautiful words .com

I want to take up a single mother's parents' child and nurture it with my husband and wife | Demon Speed

Kobe Newspaper | Society | Book Review Battle "Vibrio Battle", Expanding to Various Locations

Lifestyle that the topic "putting fresh apple, water, detergent in a cup and leaving it abundant" will be Life Hack - Togetter

On the morale of soldiers since modern times - Togetter

◆ IT · Gadget (Net · Soft · Hard · Mobile)
O'Reilly Japan - Survival manual for programmers

"Connecting to society" by code - Formerly NEIT 's skillstock development note reemployed at the age of 26 [Part 1] | Engineer type (1/2)

Business Media Makoto: Yuusuke Furuta's death and the Internet: software that erases HDD data after death, 5 to 100 thousand people? (1/3)

Mr. Takashi Uesugi repeating slander of Eetos @uesugitakashi Continue escaping from Mr. Shozo Egawa's open question - Togetter

Blog as an attack means ~ Izakaya v Pregnant woman case ~ |

Targeted attacks are conducted according to Japanese working hours - Tokyo SOC Report (IBM Japan) | ScanNetSecurity (Report, survey · white papers' news)

Improvement in 3D printer technology to invalidate gun control and patents? | Slashdot · Japan Hardware

Google Japan Blog: NASA Kennedy Space Center has appeared in Street View!

"Pochiti". Principle of consumption behavior of one click changed: Nikkei Business Online

Apple type world collecting small changes and earning 150 billion yen

Massive recruitment | President of Ameblo working in Shibuya

NIFTY - Serve alumni association 3days - Let 's meet offline. -: NIFTY-Serve (Nifty Serve)

【Interview with Mr. Satoshi Kato】 Interview with "Takaaki Kato" interview with "Dora" editor, "Cakes" a fixed-price billing type content distribution platform for new digital contents Interview: Softbank Business + IT

Recent PHP knowing in 6 minutes - Summer 2012 - Shin x blog

Electric writing and communication | The concept of publishing may already be old

NTT East, "FLET'S Hikari" net increase in number of 50% reduction · · · smaho influenced - livedoor blog

Ministry of Internal Affairs "Garaka is not lost to smartphone" - husband playing on iPhone

83 million "fake users" on facebook or international news: AFPBB News

Surface fails like a Zune: Analyst | Gadget Express Report

News - "five advanced features to Trojan horse", RSA warns: ITpro

Specifically, since the fall of 2011, the "Trojan horse" which corresponds to five new functions is rapidly increasing. (1) avoidance of virtual machines, (2) destruction of research tools, (3) encryption of internal strings, (4) digital signature on setting files, (5) black list for blocking outsiders It is five.

"Hayakawa SF · Mystery ebook Selection" start distribution! - Hayakawa Online | Mystery, SF, Nonfiction in Hayakawa Shobo: New arrival news

What you should not share with social media - tips for avoiding troubles - CNET Japan

Again Twitter refuses to use the API - this time online flash mob Mobber

Domino · Pizza "I will deliver pizza to Comiket" Reactions to major excerpts - Togetter

◆ Anime · Game · Manga (Subcar)
"Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha" 1/1 Raging Heart is a good but pretty deck! : Moe Ota news bulletin

【Voice Actor】 Mizuki Nana (32) "Otako" regulation by live ... Who is the subject of regulation "DD"?

Let's use 'Competitive site comparison' in order to judge the degree of difficulty of the targeted keyword and conquer Comiket! | Ferret Iichiwa

"Puyo Puyo" of Kazunari Uko talks! Tarot as a thinking tool Participation in the whole body report - Changing the world with the fun of the game Conference

Sengoku collection 18 episodes: Purple blinking

Asahi Newspaper Digital: "To you who are bullying" Mayumi Tanaka - Society

Shinohara Ryoko "One Piece" for the first time in 17 years Voice Actor - Cinema News: nikkansports.com

◆ Sports · Entertainment · Music · Movie (Entertainment)
Kobe newspaper | Society | Hanshin fans' psychological advocacy sun TV program section talks

"Dear Mr. Nagoya Dome, can you forgive me soon? A feeling of tragedy is floating in the program section of the professional baseball live broadcast produced by Kobe city broadcasting station "Santelevision" (Sun TV). I will introduce some highlights with a word of humor at the time of the game of the Hanshin Tigers game, but when it gets lost in July, it becomes masochistic and inspires the team desperately. Blurry clauses that do not stop are talked about on the Internet.

Arriving from Korea, archery representative Ren Hayakawa Rock Shocked by watching Japanese net board ('; ω; `): watch @ 2 channel

A case where Teru of GLAY bought Dorakue 10 without knowing it as online wwwww: Kinyaki

I read several comics and convinced that "Dark Knight" is a masterpiece. - I dislike craps.

The biggest shelf fighting battle battle ever in history, the Fujii · Gakiwa pair was the first medal winning badminton in Japan. : Sports See what one speaks ~ Fumo Hmo column

【SMAP】 Takuya Kimura I was beaten by local poor at high school, and I was transferring

Tezuka Osamu "Black Jack" made a live-action drama in the United States: Movie News - Movie. Com

【Judo】 To the first men's Olympics everyday countdown in Okinawa "No money" + (1 / 2page) - London Olympics 2012 Feature - MSN Sankei News

Asahi Shimbun Digital: President Putin, Okinawan Judo watching Russian player golden years old - London Olympics 2012

Culkin life expectancy half a year severe heroin addiction - entertainment news: nikkansports.com

Actor Macaulay Culkin (31), known as a child of the American Home movie "Home Alone" series, reportedly has a severe heroin poisoning half a year.

Controversial lethargic game ... the objection of "other competitions" also: Badminton: Ball games: News: London Olympics 2012: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)

Asahi Newspaper Digital: Olympic boxing referee banishment Shimizu battle judgment problematic - sports

- Horse news - I: - Central long-term recreation top 40

◆ New product (clothing / food / housing)
Lotteria releases "Hokkaido ABC Burger" at a limited store in Hokkaido

House "feasting chowder" In addition to the Ru type, the retort type is also released simultaneously from August 20 nationwide | News Release | Company Information | House Food

"Bayaires Parlors Recipe Adult Fruits Ole" New Release | News Release 2012 | Company Information | Asahi Beverages

(PDF file)Notice of the launch of "Hamburg Fair - 2nd round" (Starting on August 21) [pdf: 370 KB]

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