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social game"Idolmaster Cinderella Girls"Will carry out advertising Jack at Akihabara station from August. We will start posting some advertisements from August 1st, and between 6th and 19th we will start full-scale advertisement postings at several places in the station. The place is JR East Akihabara station premises (electric town mouth, Showa street mouth etc), Tokyo metro Hibiya line Akihabara station premises.

By the way, GIGAZINE of one year ago wrote such an article.

Photo collection of raw meat decorated like a real sweet "SWEET MEAT" - GIGAZINE

Now that the transition to terrestrial digital has ended, what has become of the price of LCD TVs - GIGAZINE

◆ Story (memo · various others)
Inadvertently completed prior to the requested series 2 1/12 Full Scratch Fully automatic mahjong table Amos Altima I am making a Macross now ... on Twitpic

Painful news (No ∀ `): Opening ceremony of the Olympics Somalia talks about Doraemon too - Livedoor blog

Life breaks when I break dance at home wwwwwww: Aja-san

A man who invaded a lady (28) room and talked at the bedside for 15 minutes and left a man (40) arrested: Kini speed

If you have experienced football, you will be playing a game Warota w Buru speed - VIP

@nifty: Daily portal Z: Do not buy the same after all after buying it online?

We apologize sincerely for Kaoru Inoue's "impersonation" - Togetter

136-67 = ○ ○ ← Calculation formula in the brain when mental arithmetic exposure: Kini speed

◆ Science (science · academic · technology)
Scales are transparent ... "Ayu is too visible" Discovery: Science: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)

The sex determination brought by only one DNA? The gender differences of tigerfug genes were single bases? | The University of Tokyo Graduate School of Agricultural Life Sciences

◆ Social Significance / Future Prospects
It brings a new viewpoint to the understanding of sex determination mechanism and leads to stable supply of puffer fish testis which is a high-grade food material. In addition, protection of wild puffer and ecological grasp is promoted.

Analysis result that Western pop music is monotonous, they all sound the same | Slashdot Japan Science

On how to cheat that "There was a lunar landing of mankind" - Togetter
Very polite commentary commentary explaining that there was a lunar landing

◆ Society, Politics, Economy (Incidents · World News · Business)
Kyoto University former professor arrested: "Why the research is a research" Colleagues puzzled - Everyday jp (Mainichi Shimbun)

BOK minutes minutes discomfort to government demands NHK News

Tired of the conflict between Japan and ROK, North Korea closely watches Editorial Board Hiroyuki Akita: Nihon Keizai Shimbun

Northern Kyushu heavy rain, damage of JR Houba line: 130 locations: Nihon Keizai Shimbun
The picture is amazing.

Concerned about introducing FGT as convenient for transit but developing concerns such as winter traveling Feature · Fukui's Railway Fukui News: Fukui Shimbun

Little body exposed to school girls from home Amazed face shot 33-year-old arrested "Reaction seeing was fun" - MSN Sankei News

According to the room, Okuda's house faces the school road of students going to a nearby middle and high school girls' school, exposing the lower body to students standing by the window and staring at the window, surprised facial expressions of the students Was shot with a video camera installed in the room.

Being sentenced to killing her sister for over 20 years imprisonment with judgment Development disorder "for social order" - 47 NEWS (Yona no News)

Toward the judgment reason, presiding judge Toshiya Kawahara was accredited as a kind of congenital pervasive developmental disorder, asperger syndrome, in the crime of the defendant who was in a withdrawal condition for about 30 years. On top of that, "Because the family does not want to live together, there is no social receptacle, so worrying about the possibility of repeat offenses, and accommodating it in prison as far as it is permitted will also help maintain the social order." .

A judgment that projected "citizen emotion"? - Bem's Notepad V3

An employee who uploaded the eroge of "WillPlus" on Share arrested! First arrest with eroge upload? : Heirloom 2D

◆ Lifestyle (life, life, health)
It's Medium 1. She says she got pregnant: It was awesome

1: Below, we will send VIP instead of nameless: 2012/07/23 (Monday) 00: 57: 05.09 ID: iO5BeU8F0
I was wearing condoms and putting on a condom
I say that she got pregnant when she measures it with the machine she inspects.
I'm still in 1 and the other is in 3
I think that it is different from ordinary thinking and putting on a condom
So please tell me how to persuade her

"I can not drink carbonated, is not it?" ← meaning unknown Working mono news: life VIP craftsman blog www

Tell me how to be a winner of life with high school graduates - summary bud!

【Otsu bullying】 Chunichi Newspaper "What you are doing is the same as a perpetrator and it is only a negative chain"

【Otsu suicide】 84.4% "I do not think it is illegal" for the act of exposing bullying bully to real name: disgusted case record

Harvard University of Financial Accident, Decrease in Donation due to Recession - WSJ Japan Version - www.WSJ.com

The first step towards a job that can convince you to give a voice saying "I want to do" without fear of failure | Interview | BizCOLLEGE PREMIUM

(* ゚ ∀ ゚) ゞ カ ガ ク ニ ュ ー ス 隊: Disinfection of raw lever with gamma ray irradiation (cobalt 60) Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare research decision

The briefing at the kindergarten was a rule when it was magici wwwwww BIP blog

There is a story about the rules of the garden
By what time are you going to the climbing, the contact law when you rest,
Well, only contact of basic matter
In a word to be added at the end

"Children going to our garden are strictly prohibited from watching PreCure and Sentai series"
Parents all over here Pokankan

Higashi Hiroki's "Post-Modern Animalization" Critical Review Chapter 1 - Togetter

"Kumamori Association's" Insistence that can not be overlooked "by poplacia Continuous tweet Conclusion - Togetter

◆ IT · Gadget (Net · Soft · Hard · Mobile)
Will be exposed to real name on YouTube without permission, work and hobby ... | Business Journal

Followers practicing by 130,000 free creators, using Twitter. │ CAREER HACK

Three things that turned out to be able to earn 200 thousand yen a month by blog alone | Social web creates the future! | Modern business [Kodansha]

Apple announces new iPhone, event preparation on September 12 | Reuters

Five habits to live friendly with the cleaning robot "Rumba" - in the head

There is your own cheating on twitter who should have quit (* '· ω · `*) Web site takeover / scammer damage report Girls' speed (*' · ω ·` *) 乙!

"Inspiration" vs. "run" | Matsuhiro's garage life

Last time I took a country in Japan for a while, I received lectures, interviews and dialogues at various places, but at that time I felt strongly that "Many people think there is something amazing secret to Apple "about it.

How can I say "It is something great ideas and secrets in Apple, so it works fine!" Does it sound like a kind of feeling?

I do not have such "secrets" and ideas, but I think that the part like "such a great idea" is not the fundamental factor that Apple is making a difference to other companies.

80% of the students have a personal computer and the reality that they are watching Nico Nico Videos: The Devil's Blog. -beelzeboul-

Changing to other companies NTT DoCoMo, voices of criticism for information disclosure of service problems: SIer blog

Notice from Docomo: Part of customer information (contact telephone number) Apology regarding leakage | Notice | NTT DoCoMo

DeNA and Seiyu sign contracts for online shopping service ~ Overwhelming low price, offering product selection on a nationwide scale - - [DeNA] DeNA Co., Ltd.

In line with this agreement, Seiyu opens a one-stop shopping site that can order and purchase many categories of goods ranging from groceries, daily necessities, miscellaneous goods, and clothing items from anywhere in the country at once, next spring It is a plan to do.

Kobo-chan analysis - Togetter

Story of Yahoo toolbar for Google Chrome and Safari - Interest rate 0 Interest-free caching? Can caching - subtech

Only this is "free software that puts in seriously!"

Elementary school student smartphone approach to application development private school Innovation change IT education: Nihon Keizai Shimbun

What I want from the web shop | Hal-Cana

Based on the circumstances of that neighborhood, as for what I would like to ask a web shop (personally), it is such a feeling just by catching on.

1. Proposal power
2. Reliability
3. Readiness
4. Price
5. Production ability

I will dig a little about each and write it.

YouTube's monetization program, Japan's user revenue quadrupled in 3 years "Some people are living with it" - ITmedia News

1 million people participate in 24 hours new ad for smartphones "Social Expandad" - ITmedia News

Participants were rushing from the start of July 18th, exceeding 1 million times in 24 hours and exceeding 2 million times in 4 days. The inflow rate to the landing page for the number of banner postings (impressions) is said to have exceeded 10%.

Seeing in the tweet field of mixi, a stray name named exploring | Costumes costume penetrating penguin

Top - Uncode · Mania

"What is this feces code! (Anger)" "Come out who wrote! (Anger)"
Have you ever heard such a voice or cried out?
Let's eradicate Uncode by learning about Uncode!
Anyway, start with the tasteful Uncode appreciation

Was the Fictitious Newspaper Hammered by Drugs of Topicality - novtan Annex

Weekly Access Top 10: YouTube 's copyright protection function also detects' Hakugo' - ITmedia news

Inspirational firefly - Togetter

I apologize. I am very sorry | Started from Shin-Otsuka "Sake Binji"!

A pregnant woman who was kicked out from the store to "Sake taste queen letter" caused problems! → A summary of many cases of camouflage disguised as a summary | Personal news blog WEB theory

Twitter / odomon: Employee education of Starba is too wonderful that blogs such as "I have not ordered a long time but I think that it looks like ella looks like an ella" is not found.

◆ Anime · Game · Manga (Subcar)
Summon Night 5 | NAMCO BANDAI Games official website

It's a blatant pakura ... I thought I was a character? New speed VIP base. · · · (No Д`) · ゜ ·.

Mahjong's rule I am just a newbie but I can not win at all ... how can I win? | Life Hack Channel 2

Are those who did not get the game when they were children? : Continuous content information not finished

【Breaking News】 This musical novelty novel is released in September!

Column: Think about it for the first time in 4 years' daily life, 'Sazae-san space sky' Nagoko 'Tachikawa time and space' | nelja

Game related things will be handed over! - M4 (Media Critique Diary): July 31, 2012

4Gamer.net - Doujinshi will be the standard of recruitment, school issues will not work - Thinking of game development company flight unit that specializes in 3D model production

2ch Revenue Sled Threepage on animation criticism site by part of residents and Twitter users, Mr. Opinions on animation review planning → It seems there was withdrawal - Togetter

"Saint Seiya 's Athena" Disposal with "Extravagant Cosplay" ... Troubles at China's Largest Game Show: Kini Speed

I am concerned with the bookcase of "wolf and children's rain and snow" - Togetter

■ 0730 ■: 550 miles to the Future

People who come into contact with the garage kit must be "eye-catching". There is not there in the injection kit, it is everyone. "It is as good as major manufacturers" is not an evaluation axis. On the contrary, a person who comes out only as impressions as "prototype is embarrassing" can not be said to be witty.

TV anime "JoJo's Bizarre Adventure" Special Picture - YouTube

◆ Sports · Entertainment · Music · Movie (Entertainment)
Kaiko Kaikyo. Serial / literary Batman genealogy by @ nk 12 - Togetter

Tokyo Newspaper: Asakusa Movie Lights Disappear: Society (TOKYO Web)

I went to the Olympic opening ceremony! Japanese team member 's leaving mystery! | Ruby's London Life Diary
Although the live broadcast of NHK had somehow revealed the appearance, the circumstances were not explained

[With image] Topics on German racers' thighs are too jab: Momonga bulletin

Opening Ceremony of the 2012 London Olympics - Wikipedia

Summarized news: In judgment of judo in China "South Korea's deathblow technique is due to referee after losing, because Koreans are not suitable for sports, return home"

2 chan Korean news: Korean players sit down in protest at women's fencing

Resume playing in 1 second elongation resumption → hanging up → resuming game in 1 second remaining → hanging up → restarting game for 1 second remaining →

And finally, one German player took one

Korea was winning if it was a draw (Kujibiki before extension)

Korean coach "This one second is just long !!?"

Painful news (No ∀ `): Swiss player" I want to make Koreans all the best. Burned down by the fire and births of congenital anomalies "→ Expelled from the team - Livedoor blog

[Evidence] Gymnastics gymnast hands cash to the judge team Silver medal will be reported abroad: Geisha back journal

Great negligence succession! "Backfire" Olympic volumes convinced by seeing men's gymnastics and organizations. : Sports See what one speaks ~ Fumo Hmo column

The birthplace of the Olympic sports event, the case far away from medals Also is the Japanese judo and swimming acquisition rate? - WSJ Japan version - www.WSJ.com

GIANTS BLOG 【sad news】 Olympics without baseball software is boring

37: Wind blowing and anonymous []: 2012/07/30 (Monday) 00: 18: 40.44 ID: BiPIjFQO
Baseball is another good idea
Softball is the biggest goal for the Olympics
I want the resurrection because it is the only opportunity to be noted

The fact that Tetsuji Kawakami is still alive:

33: Wind blowing and anonymous 2012/07/30 (Monday) 23: 27: 40.34 ID: WDmcYKT1
Suginiti is the one who is better than Tetsu
Temporary coaching every year

Hideki Matsui, continuing active! Looking to the next fiscal year US residual «MLB« Daily publication ___ ___ 0

86: Wind blowing if not named: 2012/07/31 (Tue) 05: 22: 51.57 ID: gwMlD 432
Even if I say minor, I did not even get a minor contract until I got a raise.
If the raise did not present minor this time, I will go back unemployed again

[Sad] Miyamoto, retirement too: Summary Taro!

Permanent set position is bad cool: insane @ N

Military man Onuma "Let's get out of the fire" - quick speed

◆ New product (clothing / food / housing)
Kagome Co., Ltd.> Company information> News release> 2012> All the family can drink deliciously! "Vegetable life 100 Refresh! Triple Berry & Concord Grape"

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