This is true if you represent the real internet, a submarine cable around the world on a map

Although the Internet is supported by submarine cables wrought all over the world, the figure that makes it possible to see at a glance the distribution of the submarine cable is "Mapping the internet"is.

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It is no longer inseparable from lifethe internetIt is a cable of optical fiber stretched over the ocean floor around the world, and in a long distance submarine cable systemMaximum supply voltage required up to 15,000 VIt is,Wikipedia"It is necessary to install a signal amplification device called a repeater for transmission" "In the early days of optical fiber cable repeaters, the optical signal from the cable was changed to an electric signal and then amplified, and again A regenerative repeater that returns an optical signal back to an electric signal was generally used. In the latter half of the 1980's, an optical fiber amplifier that amplified an optical signal without converting it into an electric signal was developed and put to practical use since the 1990's It is said that. " Here is a diagram showing the distribution of submarine cables stretched in this way.

Submarine cable from the coastLanding stationIt is withdrawn to a facility called. Then, the landing station receives the optical signal coming through the water and connects it to the communication transmission line.

Many of the submarine cables that have crossed the Atlantic Ocean have been withdrawn to downtown Manhattan and support the Internet of Wall Street, the center of finance.

By the way, the surroundings of Japan are like this. You can see that the cables are dense and dense.

In addition, the actual landing operation of the submarine cable is as follows.

A submarine cable funded by KDDI and Google will land on Chikura, Spring 2010 - INTERNET Watch

Overall length 9600 km! This is a landing operation of the new submarine cable "Unity" between Japan and the United States - Digital - Nikkei Trendy Net

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