Chess set where Nixie tube shines on the board

The Nixie tube is perfect when you want to produce a retro-futuristic atmosphere, but a chess set that took it as a piece appeared. When it puts on a board it has become a fancy design that it shines the role of each piece such as King and Queen.

Nixie tube chess board setup - YouTube

When the piece made of Nixie tube is separated from the board, the light disappears ......

It glows when it is put on.

Arranging in a row ......

Like this.

It looks like this actually playing against this Nixie tube chess set.

Nixie chess short demo. - YouTube

At first it seems to have trouble distinguishing pieces ......

Looking up it is like this.

Selling price is 140 pounds (17,000 yen) + shipping fee for full kit. It seems that all items produced are sold out with limited quantity items.

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