"Google Chrome 20" stable release, mass correction of security problems

Google Chrome 20 "as the latest stable version of Google's web browser" Google Chrome "Windows, Mac, Linux,Google Chrome FrameVersion has been released. This time there are no major additions, security patches are central.

Chrome Releases: Stable Channel Update

Those with high urgency such as leakage of iframe fragment ID, crash in texture handling, autofill display problem, 13 points, 4 points in middle level, 3 points with low urgency level were fixed. In addition, corrections are also being made regarding not only Chrome's problem.

The version notation of the latest version at the present time is "20.0.1132.43 m"Will be.

By the way, Google Chrome currently carries out a campaign "Build with Chrome" with Lego Block.

Build with Chrome

It looks like this to make Sydney Harbor Bridge on Chrome.

LEGO® Sydney Harbor Bridge created in Build with Chrome - YouTube

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