"Next Generation Web Personality Generator" that Personality such as Enthusiastic Women's · Conscious Men · Carefully Girls · Encounters Men can be Diagnosed

Character making is a very important and difficult problem in relation to human beings, but "In Web communication increasingly becoming more active due to the recent proliferation of social media, it is important to take an attitude that does not always blur based on their own personality policy" That's why we produce a web personality that suits ourselves from the six questions is "Next Generation Web Personality Generator"is.

Next Generation Web Personality Generator

The diagnostic results come out as follows.

◆ Empowerment girls
Let's tweet with "# this is terrible" "tag to read later" tag.

Specific diagnosis results also come out. "Empire girls" is a web person who is recommended for those who are not calm, bullish, poisonous name behaviors to the very end of the net and the number of followers is not odd. By clipping & tweeting a large number of articles with tags such as "# this is terrible" "read after #" or the like, directing characters that know everything with a strong desire for knowledge. There are few friends offline, but on the net it always has a bit of a dry character, Web men are melon melodies.

By the way, the next generation Web personality generator can use blog parts for free "ZenbackSo, Zenback's blog parts according to the web personality will tell you something.

In addition to the diagnostic results of the next generation Web personality generator, there is such a web personality.

◆ Carefully girls
Let's tweet with the tag "# follower talks using all 140 characters of love for me" tag.

It is modest in the real world, but I want you to realize yourself a little different from others on the web. I want him to see him more and more. But I can not do it obediently The web personality recommended for you is "girls girls"! While showing a cold pretense, she glanced at a glance to make it a ray, the opposite sex is a heterosexus.

◆ Encounter boys
Encounter boy who makes positive remarks such as "thank you!"

Personality recommended for people who feel unlimited possibilities for both public and private encounters on the Web, "Social media is truly a nice thing!" Encountering instantly as a friend's tweets Encounter The surrounding people will watch over the men's positive aura from a little far.

◆ polite girls
I will use honorific expressions such as "I got a reference" or "I will share".

A web personality recommended for cautious people in the real name world and the anonymous world is "polite girls"! Anyway, listen to what I do not understand in honorifics anyway, thank you apologize, thank you for thankfulness. By being such a straightforward person at any time, even if there is a bit of stupidity, "Because that person is just a polite person" you can win absolute trust.

◆ Omuraise girls
"Kung Kyun Kyun! I am recording it on my hard disk ☆ ☆"

On the web appeal yourself anyway! On the flames and above, the recommended personality for the person who wants to be whispered with nobody anyway "Omreiz girls"! As chicks are sorry, we can not eat omelet rice, etc., But we do not know the meaning well but somewhat cute and somewhat cranky It is a character with plenty of places, take the hearts of Web men and girls in the sharp!

◆ Megumi men
"Ah, I knew it had been a week ago," and appealed the amount of knowledge.

On the web is bullish and poisonous. And for those who know strangers always watching the world things from diagonally above, "Web men who are good people" is recommended Web personality! Her personality is as if he is living in the net with a high knowledge and desire, especially heterosexualism.

◆ A messy girl in a mess
"Geeky but still rearing, right brain but left brain"

As soon as possible, a person recommended for those who were driven by the need to gather attention on the web is "a messy girl". There is no need for further explanation. Take full advantage of the exuberant personality, please leave alone in the wilderness of the Internet. Until that sky.

◆ High conscious men
"I am consciously high!"

Recommended Web personality for those who want to evolve tomorrow myself 0.1% more than today's myself is "conscious boys"! Let's address your ideals carefully by mindfully explaining business books and self-enlightenment books and repeated efforts of self-study and self-improvement. All the girls in that figure are melody.

Diagnosis starts when you enter a name.

There are 6 questions in all.
◆ 01. Your web personality is

◆ 02. I do not want to get involved in troublesome things

◆ 03. I want to be friends with people all over the world

◆ 04. Internet watching is worthwhile

◆ 05. I want to be called individual

◆ 06. I want to be told that messing up

There are many people who have experienced struggling without deciding the characters in real human relations. But following the next generation Web personality generator, you can become a "no shaking" person on the Web.


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