Various umbrellas of creative style that emphasized design other than the original function of the umbrella

Rainy days tend to feel depressed and it will be troublesome to go out, too, but rather than relieving that feeling, it is rather a weird umbrella of 15 different designs to make you feel like going out actively.

15 Unusual And Creative Umbrellas | DeMilked

◆ 1.F ** k The Rain Umbrella(Rain Baka Fun umbrella)
If you hit all the wrath against the sky, your mood may be sunny.

Looking from the top, it is like this.

◆ 2.Clock Parasol(Parasol with clock function)
This isSundialA parasol with the function of. The light of the sun indicates the current time.

Easy to use, if you point your umbrella on a sunny day and head north OK.

Compass function is also perfect so that you do not have to carry a compass each time.

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◆ 3.Sky Umbrella(Umbrella in the sky)
Clear sky patterns are printed on the inside of the umbrella, and sunny days can be found anytime you look up.

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◆ 4.Goggles Umbrella(Umbrella with goggles)
A goggle type window is attached to an umbrella, and it seems to be useful for a detective activity that failure is not allowed.

Items essential for spies too.

It also looks like scuba diver goggles.

◆ 5.Wheel & Seal Umbrellas(Umbrella with a sealed function with wheels)
If you look closely at the way the umbrella passed, a small face stamp.

The wheels are attached to the tip of the umbrella, and the rubber part in contact with the ground is a face type stamp.

Perfect for children.

This is an ordinary umbrella at first glance ... ...

There is a face type stamp at the tip. It is not a rainy day, but an item that exercises its principle on the rain remaining in the puddle.

◆ 6. Water Gun Umbrella (umbrella with water gun function)
There is a gun at the handle, but of course it is not genuine.

Water is accumulated by the function of the funnel attached to the umbrella, and it can be used as water gun. It is quite dangerous if the viewer sees it, so let's use the time and place firmly.

◆ 7. Dualbrella (twin umbrella)
This is a real 'umbrella'. The revolving umbrella is that it actually gets stuck out of the umbrella and gets wet. However, you can spend a pleasant time without worry of getting wet if you use this.

◆ 8.Off The Course Umbrella(Golf Umbrella)
The tip of the umbrella is a golf pad when you look closely.

Click here for the full picture.

A salaried worker who makes an umbrella looking like a golf pad and swings thoroughly should also improve the quality of image training if this is used.

Moreover, it seems that it can not actually be used as a golf pad.

◆ 9.Cup Holder Umbrella(Umbrella with cup holder)
"I want to keep drinks at hand at all times whether it is rainy day or something," an umbrella with cup holder function attached to this handle is recommended for such a person.

As soon as you encounter something, it seems to spill.

Here is how you actually use it on rainy days.

Remove the cup quickly and go crazy.

◆ 10.Full Body Umbrella (umbrella wrapping the whole body)
If you come this far, you can do better with a raincoat ... .... I am very concerned about how to fold.

◆ 11.The Inside Out Umbrella(Umbrella folding in a bag type)
When folded, it looks like a bag and it will be easier to carry.

After folding like a general folding umbrella, I feel like wrapping the whole in the end.

I will fold from the part of this strap on the outside of the umbrella.

And if you make it like a bag, it is easy to carry around.

◆ 12.Umbrellas for the Civil but Discontent Man(Umbrella with a handle of a sword)
The part of the handle of this umbrella is like a sword and it looks like a stock sword.

Taking a shoulder strap and carrying it on a shoulder feels like a ninja.

Actually there is no part of the blade, so it can not be used in emergency.

This is a series, there are things like sabers other than Japanese swords.

◆ 13.The Backpack Umbrella(Umbrella with backpack function)
Both hands are empty, on rainy days with lots of luggage it is very convenient, really a practical umbrella.

◆ 14.The Dogbrella(Umbrella for dogs)
Even important pets can do without getting wet with rain in this case. Looking closely, the chain is attached to the inside of the umbrella so that it can be connected to the collar.

◆ 15.Light Drops Umbrella(Umbrella with lighting function)
A mechanism that lights the LED light attached to an umbrella using electricity generated using the power of rain that flows over the surface of the umbrella.

Because the sight will be bad on the rainy day, the driver of the car will have difficulty viewing the person, but if you are pointing this umbrella it looks like it's patched in the dark.

In this way, as the intensity of rain increases, the intensity of LED light will also increase.

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