I went to drink "Tokyo Sky Tree Shake" of about 63 centimeters total length of 2800 yen

"Lotteria opened on May 22, 2012"Tokyo Sky Tree"Tokyo Sky Tree Shake" (2800 yen including tax) collaboration product and has caught the information that developed. A container faithfully reproduced on the 1 / 1,000 scale (634 mm) as the motif of Tokyo Sky Tree is used, it seems that you can drink with vanilla shake, but I can not imagine what it is like at all In fact, I decided to go check it.

Lotteria Summer Dessert and Tokyo's New Landmark Collaborate "Tokyo Sky Tree Shake" from Limited Edition on Thursday, June 7!

When arriving at the store, I found the full size model of the product.

Tokyo Sky TreeThe world's top radio towerIt is said that this shake is also the world's largest.

When I ordered it immediately, I entered such special bags and came out. It is possible to take it home as it is, but I will decide to drink it at a shop because I am impatient.

And now, the whole view of the container that made Tokyo Sky Tree motif obvious!

The container is filled with 2 pieces of vanilla shake. Since two vanilla shake merchandise vouchers come with a set, this is available on the spot.

The straw is also special made, it is so long that I have never seen it before ....

When ordered with ordinary straws, it has more than twice the size.

Looking at the back of the cash register, the clerk had put in two vanilla shakes with two people. It seems to be awkward to handle, and it seems to be fighting quite a bit.

I managed to finish it. Even so, what size it is, the existence of ordinary size milkshakes ordered together is completely hazy. Actually, however, this is not yet complete.

Docking the parts at the top of the tree makes it complete.

I do not understand the overwhelming scale well in the photo only, so I shot a movie.

I took a picture of Lotteria's "Tokyo Sky Tree Shake" - YouTube

When standing up with special straws, it says like this.

I will look at it in order from the top.

It reproduces the tip part without pulling out the hand.

Also attention to detail can be seen.

The boundary part of this shake is just the joining part of the parts. If you remove the top part you will be able to insert a straw.

The character "TOKYO - SKYTREE".

You can also verify the proof that you obtained the approval of "Tokyo Sky Tree".

I tried inserting a straw, but since it overflows when I insert it to the bottom, I can insert only here. Even so, the line of sight of the person passing by the neighbor and the strange gaze from nearby people are stabbed without mercy from the previous time.

This is the place where overflowing.

I need to suck a little to insert the straw to the bottom, but I will not reach the mouth of the straw at all with me sitting at the desk. Standing and drinking. Chururukuru.

I managed to insert it to the bottom. There are two straws, but in this state it is unclear how to drink with two people.

Even if you insert the straw to the bottom, you will not reach the straw with sitting on the chair. So I came up with a way to drink and drink. It is a very suspicious posture, but I can not care. Even so, as the straw is too long, a considerable amount of suction is required.

Successfully finished drinking. The container of the Tokyo Sky Tree Shake which looks while feeling a pleasant sense of accomplishment "drunk" is very beautiful.

Taking it home and washing it, and drying it clean like this, it can be used as a piggy bank, according to Lotteria "It is possible to save 100,000 yen with a 500 yen coin".

In addition, it will be possible if the experience of over 2800 yen including tax is made by shop at the shop, but because the limited number is different depending on the store (5 in total at shop done at this review) People who want to experience a rare experience as soon as possible after calling the nearest lotteria, check the number of stocks, then recommend drinking for a drink.

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