A photograph showing how much damage accumulates on the skin by keeping sunlight bathed in one shot

Moderate sunbathing produces the vitamin D necessary for keeping healthy bones, sunlight contributes greatly to health, but on the other hand it is contained in sunlightUltravioletIt is also true that it will speed up the aging of human skin. "Dark side of the sun's rays", a photograph which understands what kind of damage the human's skin will hurt by keeping sunlight for many years was released at a glance was released.

Dark Side of Sunshine

The New England Journal of MedicineThe following pictures were released in. There is a big difference in skin condition between the right half and the left half of the man's face. This damage seen only on the left side of the face is what is called dermatoheliosis (skin sunstroke) and appears on human skin with aging.

A man in the photo is a former track driver, and such damage has occurred for many years because only one side of the face has been exposed to sunlight in the driver's seat. It seems that men have never painted sunscreen once in their lifetime.

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The skin is sagging and the number of wrinkles increases as you go through years is that ultraviolet A wave (UVA) contained in sunlight permeates deep into the skin and keeps the skin beamcollagenYaElastinIt affects substances such as. For men, only the left half of the face was extremely affected by UVA.

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Men in the photographs were sick of being asked, "Why is only one face facing?" From their grandchildren, and reported this caseNorthwestern UniversityHe seems to have visited Jennifer Gordon who is a dermatologist. As a result of examination, there seemed to be no signs of skin cancer, but Jennifer Gordon says that he will observe the progress carefully in the future.

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To prevent skin cancer, it is important to paint a sunscreen from a young age, and the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD)SPFI recommend using over 30 sunscreens. For ultraviolet rays there is UVA which passes through the glass and UVB which does not pass through the glass but damages cells of the epidermis of the skin and makes the skin red like a burn, but sunscreen is effective for both ultraviolet rays. Also, since 80% of ultraviolet rays pass through the clouds, AAD recommends sunscreening on the parts where the skin is exposed, even during cloudy days or winter without sunshine I will.

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