A net service "Email Obfuscator" that can display email addresses not to be collected by spammers


If you have e-mail addresses published on the site, spam (spam)BotUsingHTMLWe will collect mail addresses from the source. As a countermeasure, there is an easy way to make the at sign of the mail address double-byte, but the net service "Email Obfuscator"Allows you to use e-mails easily without having to make a mistake while using the site easily while strengthening measures of spammers. Usage is as follows.

Email Obfuscation via ROT13 Cipher

◆ How to use

When accessing the above site, the following page is displayed.

To use it, first input "Email Address", "Anchor text" (character displayed on the site), "Email Subject" (subject of mail).

Copy the "full text displayed below" and write it to the HTML source of the site is complete.

The ones you tried to create are as follows.


If you click, if you open the e-mail software from the browser to Gmail, new e-mails are displayed in the form entered the destination and subject matter as set.

Moreover, copying the e-mail address by right click is this street.

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