You can easily harvest delicious mushrooms by waiting 10 days in your room "Mushroom Kit"

In order to eat delicious vegetables, it is quick to raise by yourself, but even if you are interested in your own vegetable garden it is quite difficult to actually start with time and money. In such a case, just drinking water every day, just 10 days later you can eat a safe and tasty mushroom "Mushroom Kit"is.

Back to the Roots | Mushroom Kit - Yields up to 1 1/2 lbs in 10 Days

The appearance that mushrooms grow from package boxes is as follows.

Grow Your Own Mushroom Kit Time Lapse (3 Day Growth Cycle) - YouTube

Mushroom Kit is about 700 grams per boxHiratakeYou can harvest at least 2 times, at most 4 times.

You can harvest like this in about 10 days from raising. It's a pretty big size.

It is easy to raise it twice a day only by applying water with the attached spray. I grow up even indoors.

The soil in it is made from a cup of coffee beans.

The idea of ​​Mushroom Kit was originally told by Alejandro Velez and Nikhil Arora, students of the University of California, Berkeley, lecture on university lecture "To grow mushrooms using coffee's dregs" did. If you make fresh vegetables using the rest of the food, you can reduce the waste of food and you should be able to make delicious mushrooms even in the city, they are supplemented with $ 5,000 (about 400,000 yen) from Berkeley It is said that he got the money and started the business. Thus, the two who were supposed to proceed to the financial path have transformed into a city mushroom farmer by this project.

In addition, you can see how you actually grow Mushroom Kit from the following.

How to Grow Mushrooms With a Back to the Roots Kit | Snapguide

The box looks something like this. Cutting out the middle window, the mushroom grows from there.

It looks like I opened the window. Place a cross notch in it, put the contents of the vinyl pack in the water that was tastefully set, leave it overnight and be ready.

Daily watering will be done with the attached drilling.

Day 1 of training. There is no particular change.

Day 6. Finally, something comes out from the cross cut.

Day 7. Mushrooms tied like pushing up vinyl.

Day 8. I will grow up more and more.

Day 10. It is time to harvest.

Cut the potatoes completely and harvested. You can cook as it is or grill and cook according to your preference.

It is Mushroom Kit that Alejandro Velez and Nikhil Arora started in 2009, but now it seems that it is being incorporated not only as a home but also as part of elementary school class. The price is 19.95 dollars per box (about 1600 yen), and the refill pack is 14 dollars (about 1100 yen).

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