I tried comparing the power of "Black Black Sparkling" which made black black gum as a beverage

In the scene where you should not sleep at the time of driving, the night before the exam, why drowsiness will attack more than usual. There are many goodies to wake sleep at such time, but Lotte's "Black Black GumThere should be many people using. It is a gum that drives away sleepiness with intense hotness, but this time "Black Black [Sparkling]"Black drink version called" 180 yen tax included "was released. Based on cola, I tried trying to wake up to drowsiness as soon as caffeine and guarana extract are blended like Black Black.

Lotte health industry / You are already sleepy refreshed! Haste stimulus black black sparkling

Contents of can type beverage are 100 ml. There is "haste stimulus", so this is expected big.

Raw materials are here. It contains caffeine and guarana extract.

It is a nutritional ingredient. The energy per bottle (100 ml) is 26 kcal.

And 100 mg caffeine is included per bottle (100 ml).

When opening it, the scent of Schwa and Coke.

Pouring it into the cup gives a little bubbles because it contains carbonic acid. The color looks just like a cola.

When I drink it, I can feel the taste of cola at first, but the spicy of chili contained as spice suddenly comes nose to the tree. And aftertaste remains on the tongue with Piriri and after drinking it has a feel like a sore as after blowing mint gum on Nod, and various irritations will come to it. However, with a weak sustainability, a while after pulling out a bitter and refreshing feeling with a sudden, the state of the mouth is refreshed. Black black gum chews up with spicy juice and spicy, but here it is hot from the moment you put it in your mouth and this is on the face of immediate effect.

Because it's a big deal, it is a drink that is effective for a typical drowsiness "Strong break down"Sleeping blessed"MegahashiI will drink and compare it.

Strong breakdown (399 yen including tax) contains 150 milligrams of caffeine against 50 milliliters of content. If caffeine alone says, this is the number one. And it contains guarana and ginseng. The taste is a deep coffee taste, and the aftertaste feels the sweetness of brown sugar. After drinking, the bitterness continues to remain on my tongue, and it feels like "I feel sleepy in this bitterness rather than caffeine". Number 1 persistence of aftertaste.

This sleepy breakthrough (315 yen including tax) is 120 milligrams of caffeine versus the content volume of 50 milliliters. It does not include guarana or ginseng that was in strong break down. The taste here is coffee taste, but it is quite mild and relatively easy to drink. The taste of coffee remains slightly in the aftertaste.

Megashaki (open price) is 100 milligrams of content content, the content of caffeine is 100 milligrams. It is based on lemon taste, you can feel the flavor of ginger and pepper spice. It is refreshing taste, this is the number one in terms of ease of drinking. Although it is easy to drink, the elements that you can experience as "working as effective!" Are diluted as compared with others.

As a result of comparison, the characteristic of Black Black [Sparkling] is the point where the spicyness and refreshing feeling at the moment of drinking are strong, and the effect of drowsiness by stimulation is most likely to be expected in this.

In addition, usually drowsiness comes around 23 o'clock, but drinking this amount of truly, this day did not come to sleep at all until about 3 o'clock in the night ... ....

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