Amazon released a new Kindle with front lights in July


Information that Amazon's e-book reader "Kindle" will be released in July came out. This is what the person who touched the prototype told Reuters communication, this new model is equipped with the front light, and it will be able to use Kindle even in the dark.

Amazon aims to launch front-lit Kindle in July: source | Reuters

According to the person who touched the prototype of the new Kindle told Reuters communication, the new Kindle has become a model with monochrome front lights, and its release seems to be around July.

Kindle is an e-book reader sold by Amazon. It adopts electronic paper, it is lightweight, has high visibility and features good battery maintenance. However, because the backlight does not illuminate the screen, there is a weak point that it can not be read in a dark place, and people who want to read by all means had to prepare lights separately.

ByAtle Brunvoll

However, this new modelFront light, So it will be usable even in dark places. As a cornerstone of this, Amazon has already acquired Oy Modilis with front light technology.

However, it is thought that battery consumption will become faster by mounting the front light, and the price is expected to rise by as much as ten dollars (about 800 yen), but the information source is considered to be a reasonable category to the last .

Besides this, there seems to be rumors that Amazon will issue a new tablet during the holiday season later this year, but Amazon has passed a no-comment.

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