Numerous medieval torture instruments that punish people with methods not possible now such as "virgin of iron"

If you sin in contemporary Japan you will be in prison, but in medieval Europe there were various torture and punishment in line with the crime. It is submerged in water, put in a cage and swirled around, it is made a spectacle by suffering a huge mask ... .... I went to the German medieval crime museum which still exhibits the instruments used for those torture which are impossible now.

Hello everyone.World newspaperIt is Matsuzaki Atsushi of. I traveled around the world the other day, I flew from Germany to Buenos Aires and I came to Europe. I am in the city of Rothenburg in southern Germany.

Rothenburg is around here. Located in the Romantic Road, it is a lovely city that still retains medieval cityscapes.

On a larger mapRothenburgShow

Entrance of the city

Square located in the center of the city

It is crowded with tourists. There are many Japanese people!

It felt like a time slip in the Middle Ages

The town is surrounded by a castle wall

The purpose that came to this town is the medieval crime museum. It seems that a lot of tools used for torture of medieval Europe have been exhibited.

Suddenly before the entrance, instrument discovery

Admission fee is approximately 440 yen

Follow the directions to the underground


I have an explanation of Japanese

There are floors on the 1st to 4th floors, and an enormous number of torture instruments are exhibited

"To clarify the history of legislation and justice in the past 700 years (12th - 19th centuries) in Germany" concept

Let's take a quick look. First off from the classic.

· Needle chair

It was said that it was used for the purpose of torture or threats

· Binding stand

He said that he used to pull his body on this mussel

Next is a fastener zone

There are various kinds depending on usage

.Finger fastener

This hurts ... ....

Tongue fastener

Well here is real from here. Shameful shame mask zone.

· For women who talk too much

· For men behaving like pigs

The nose of this mask symbolizes an animal thing

· For those with bad mouths

They are suffering these, and it seems that they will be placed in a highly eye-catching place such as the market. At that time, it seems that sometimes I gave a board on which sin was written together.

· For innocent men

"The thick nose is that I can not help putting out a huge thing, the horn took over the wife of another person, the small devil on the snake and the nose symbolize that many bad things came out of the brain "

It is unknown who is for whom, but certainly embarrassing mask

· Executor's mask

"It seems that it was attached" to prevent the effect of an unpleasant look including the venom of death row prisoners (people who believed persistently). "

I found something interesting here.

This book contains what is stipulated about a battle between men and women

This is the basic position. A man holds a club, enters a hole, a woman holds a stone covered with cloth and can move freely.

If the woman wins, the man will be fired.

If a man wins, the woman just needs to cut his hand. It seems that women rarely win, even with handicap.

Well, I will go on and on.

· Neck Stretcher (For 2 Naked Bad Women)

I can not remove it until I quit the fight

Chastity belt

When my husband is absent, my wife should not become unfaithful.

· Stigmata flute

It seems that it is for bad musicians

· Casks of barrels(Barrel of shame, what is said to be the prototype of 'Iron Maiden')

A person who goes to a pub and drinks was confined

· Crown of straw (for brides)

The bride who had a relationship before marriage wore this and had to go to the festival stage through the black entrance

By the way, in the case of a bad bride, it was said that there were cases of wedding in a pub or prison. Also, the couple who gave birth within 7 months from the wedding ceremony was charged with penalty of fine or prison.

· Turn table

It seems that the outfield could be turned around

· Iron girl(Iron virgin, So-called "Iron Maiden")

Iron cloak for disciplining an immoral woman

· Horses (for lazy students)

· Cages for watering (for bakeries)

Daughter cheating and baking small bread or something ... ....

It seems that these torture and punishment played an important role as a legally recognized act in the world at the time. However, it is difficult to prove the crimeWitch trialIn response to the fact that many innocent people were tortured, the criticism of society grew, and in the 18th century criminal procedure procedures were reformed and torture disappeared.

(Sentence / picture: World Newspaper / Atsushi Matsuzaki

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