Hanko "One font stamp seal" of dogs and catish type fonts that can also register stamps

A seal that the fancy typeface is made using a silhouette of a dog or a cat,Shiroyama HakureudoIt is "One typeface seal" that I am making. These sticky stamps have images that can only be used for story purposes, but this Hanko can make mail and bank passbook properly, and furthermore it seems that seal stamp registration (stamp certificate acquisition) is also possible .

Mail order sale of one typeface stamp 【Funny MY Seal】

Based on silhouettes such as dogs and cats, the design will be carved with script or gothic body. This is an example of dog design, Akita dog, Welsh Corgi, Martinez.

This is cat design, there are cats of various poses.

In addition, it is possible to choose animals such as chicken and lion, heart-shaped etc.

Although seal criteria slightly differ depending on the municipality in the registration of the seal, basically it is "a seal whose seal stays within a square of 8 mm or more and 25 mm or less", "a seal that is easy to deform such as a rubber stamp, a seal "You can not register anything that rewrites kanji into hiragana or katakana or vice versa and those that together show other matters such as occupation, qualification can not be registered" "mass production of press processing, pouring seal, etc." There is a provision that you can not register what is being done. "Ink penetration marks like shihachi can not be registered.

However, "One typeface seal" is only transforming letters into the shape of an animal, so it is possible to register seal registration. Some people have actually issued seal registration certificates. This is an example of Kochi City.

This is Hyogo PrefectureKato-shi.

In addition to this it has been reported that cases were also acquired in Tokushima and Kita Ward, Tokyo. However, it is not always the case that all municipalities give OK as well, so be careful.

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