Apple official movie in which new functions, power and charm of the new third generation "iPad" can be realized

It supports 3.1 megapixel Retina display running with new A5X chip, 1080p HD video shooting with 5 megapixel iSight camera, high speed 4G communication with LTE, color is white and black, color is 241.2 mm × width 185.7 mm × 9.4 mm, weight 662 g, the price for the WiFi model, 16 GB is 42,800 yen · 32 GB is 50 800 yen · 64 GB is from 58,800 yen, the new iPad released from March 16, that new A movie that you can understand simply by looking at features etc. is published on Apple's official website.

Apple - New iPad - Excellent and medium, vividly superior.

New third generation "iPad" new function summary movie - YouTube

We believe that the best technology does not make its presence feel

It is conscious that only what I am doing

Devices used disappear from consciousness

The iPad embodies this idea perfectly

A glass like a magical turns into everything you want

That's why so many people use the iPad for so many things in so many places

Technology has become more personal experience than ever before

On the new iPad, in order to make that experience more wonderful

Dramatically evolved essential elements

A powerful new A5X chip that creates overwhelming graphics

Adopting a 5 megapixel iSight camera with state-of-the-art optical system

I got the speed of 4 G LTE

Make a surprising new software



What you can do with the photos has also been redesigned

Retina display breathes life to all of them

It is the display with the highest resolution on mobile devices

The attraction of the iPad is concentrated in the display

So if you evolve the display, everything will evolve

The third generation iPad's Retina display is exactly the best

The resolution is 2048 × 1536

In other words,

It is four times the iPad of one generation ago

Compared to "high resolution" in other devices

It is more than one million pixels

I packed this many pixels in a 9.7 inch display

Nonetheless, technically it is not a simple story just to stuff

Pixels are made of red, green and blue subpixels

The signal notifies each one of the timing and amount of light emission

A color is made in this way

But if you stuff four times more pixels in the same space

Signals may intersect

Then the color is distorted and the image becomes blurred

To solve this problem, pull up the pixel to another side

It separated it from the signal

It was a groundbreaking idea

Human eyes can not identify each one

That's why I could make pixels small and dense

Text sharply appears clearly

In the photograph you can see details like you did not notice before

A wider color gamut draws more detail

It is overwhelmingly rich, deep and creates vibrant colors

This is not only the most advanced you have ever got

It is the most advanced display I have ever seen

IPad has a reputation for smooth graphic performance

But since Retina display has to move 4 times as many pixels

I need more power

So when designing an A5X chip

We have quad-core graphics

As a result, everything you do is quite fast and felt smoothly

Moreover, it is very efficient

The new iPad's battery will still drive for 10 hours as before

We also added a new iSight camera suitable for a beautiful display

Using an advanced optical system developed for iPhone 4S

You can take 5 megapixel pictures

Furthermore, you can take 1080p HD video that takes your eyes at 30 frames per second maximum

But one of the biggest evolution in the new iPad is

Next-generation wireless technology will be

Since it corresponds to more frequency band than any mobile device so far

You can connect to the world's fastest data network including 4G LTE

Because the new iPad has an amazing technology built in

I was able to make really innovative software

We have a line-up of iLife applications

In the new version of GarageBand

Wirelessly connect up to 4 iOS devices

Enjoy playing and recording with friends

To be able to take advantage of the new iPad's iSight camera

IMovie has also evolved further

After shooting 1080p HD video

You can also make it a trailer in Hollywood style in just a few minutes

You can enjoy all of them on one device that you can take anywhere

And now, iPhoto will also appear on the iPad

It's incredibly powerful, but it's very easy to use

With smart browsing you can quickly check many photos

Just double tap on a photo will find similar pictures

You can also choose the best shot soon

With multi touch gesture, you can also make blue more blue

Even when applying a wide range of professional quality effects

Tap a few times

With Photo Journal

You can also share photos in a whole new way

These new iLife applications will open up every possibility of the iPad

The iPad has brought the experience of a completely new technology to the world

And now, with the new iPad

Experiences loved by countless people

I will make it even more wonderful

This is the ultimate iPad

Viewpoint of everything, way of every thing

It will change

Although it is not on the page of Japan, the following CM movies which are published on the main website of the English version are also excellent.

New third generation iPad CM movie - YouTube

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