A collection of 15,000 kinds of vector icons that can be used free of charge for Android

A set packed with 15,000 kinds of Android icons used in menus, notification bars, dialogs, list view, etc. are distributed. Three sizes of icons are provided according to Android's user interface guidelines.

Android icons

The canvas size of the icon is 512 × 512, and the icon is within 426 × 426 in it.

An example of the recorded icon is like this.

Click the "Download Now" button at the bottom to download the icon set.

A mail address is required when downloading.

Inside collection of icons. In the case of the free version, only two types are available, one for menu and one for dialog, and those with "only_in_comercial" in folder name do not contain contents.

If you want to use icons for list view etc., you will use a premium version of $ 19.

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