Overseas version edited as a very different atmosphere "Borrower Arrietty" trailer video

Published from February 17 in the US "The Secret World of Arrietty(Secret World of Arietti) "full HD version trailer can be seen on YouTube's Disney Official Channel, but the atmosphere is based in Japan"Borrower of the Borrower"It is quite different, and it means that the main point's attention is clogged up by the crowd.

The Secret World of Arrietty - Movie Trailers - iTunes

The Secret World of Arrietty Official Trailer - YouTube

The atmosphere of the beginning is like a thriller or a horror

This area is perfectly in the horror state

From around here is a romance thing

The contents of the letter are properly in English

From here on to Adventure edition.

Anyway, the image is packed like a mountain and it is the spoiler spoiling which does not become a sharpness

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