Purely living children I met in Tanzania and Malawi in all Africa

I am late but Happy New Year. Bicycle around the worldTakuya SAITO @ Chalidermanis. The year-end and beginning of the year also ran in southern Tanzania, and early in the new yearMalawiI entered the country. With the break of eastern Africa's journey in, I went into Southern Africa. The journey in Africa is another breath.

In Tanzania and Malawi, when running on a bicycle, she was always very popular with children and was always waving. When I find a running figure I will jump out. Looking back, Africa did so anywhere. That figure living purely without doubt makes me happy many times. This is the charm of Africa.

Here is Malawi with Lake Malawi

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Elephant passes through Mikumi National Park where I came across Kirin, and I will go through southern part of Tanzania. I eventually stayed in this vast Tanzania for about a month and ran about 1850 km. enough.

Monkey is crossing.

A river that looks like a chocolate.

Scenery with deep green only.

A city in a mountainous town.

The thorn of the plant like the oni no Tsuno is falling and the puncture has increased.

A large bus connects a vast Tanzania. Bus station for that.

The truck goes.

Traveling in Tanzania is dangerous as this large bus and truck are running with Buumbyun. When large vehicles pass each other, you may get involved if you do not get on the shoulder. Although this road shoulder was not paved, I was in trouble, but I thought it was better than losing my life. In the downhill, when overtaken by a large car, it could be overturned by wind pressure, and as soon as I overturned the overtaking of the oncoming car, I was running while running excitingly. Although it was good because it was newly being mirrored in Kenya, if you think that you do not have it, it creeps up.

Rocky rocky mountain.

I arrived in Iringa, the major city in southern Tanzania. This town is on the top of the hill, so you have to get off the main road. I stayed for a while because it was easy to spend as there is an altitude here.

I am going up to Iringa. You can see a meandering river.

This is the direction of travel.

A western building with clouds that I saw in the city.

It is also the season of mango again. I often eat it in West Africa.


Whether it's a year-end sale, it was a busy day.

Christmas dinner. I noticed that I ate chicken at Christmas after leaving the dining room.

Tanzania's special fried potato egg.

Iringa specialty yogurt. Mango, passion, chocolate, pine, raspberry have been discovered. It was 500 shillings (about 25 yen) and it was cheap so I ate two for everyday.

The year-end and new year also ran as well as the normal year. Usually I'm going to run 'December 31', January 1 as 'First sunrise runaway', but this year I got tired and was sound asleep. The tension does not rise ... It is years old.

By the way, since I started my journey

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And I am like this. Where is the New Year 's Day next year? I pray that I can run safely without any problems this year.

A village that reached New Year's Day.

And on 4th January, I entered Malawi, the 74th country. Malawi has a land area of ​​about 900 km between the north and south, while in the east and west it is a long and narrow nation with a minimum length of about 90 km and a maximum length of about 160 km. Approximately 560 km out of about 900 km north and southLake MalawiIt is in contact with. This Malawi lake is about 20% of Malawi's land area. From the relationship of the former British territory, the official language is English. Unlike Tanzania, which only communicated Swahili only in Malawi, even aunt who sells mango on the road will sing a number in English and it will be saved. Malawi also has a local language called Chewa. The currency unit is Malawi Kwatcher. This Malawi Kwatcher ............

huge. I have not seen such a big note. This 500 Quatcher (about 250 yen) becomes the highest amount of paper money.

When you put it in your wallet it crumbles out at the edges. Somehow it makes me sad.

Overlooking Lake Malawi.

I entered the inland plateau from the city called Chiweta (Chiweta) which passed 150 km after entering the country though I was running on the road along the lake. The altitude along the lake is about 500 meters, but the inland plateaus exceed the altitude of 1200 meters. Although there is a lake in the lower world, a gentle river flows in this plateau, I felt a sense of incongruity very much.

A bridge over the river that gently flows in the plateau.

It is a handmade bridge used for over 100 years ago.

People are actually passing.

When asking, "This can be taken in Lake Malawi" before the fish we ordered in the cafeteria, "It is right". Fish dishes are often eaten in Malawi where there is a lake of Malawi. Also, there were staple food series eaten all over Africa, "Akasa" in Benin, "Ugari" in Kenya, "Shima" in Malawi. This "Shima" is easy to eat and it is quite easy to go.

Shima & meat.

Rice & Fish.

I ran down the plateau region to Mzuzu (Muzu) which is the base M in the northern part of Malawi and then descended to the shore of Lake Malawi called Nkahata Bay (Nkatabay). There is a backpacker inn with a dormitory here in a touristic place. Tourist has increased since I entered Malawi. I am surprised that there is a white man saying "I came from South Africa" ​​I have never met before. There are other campgrounds for tourists in Malawi. Even if it is a backpacker inn and even a camping place, tourists are partners, so they are comfortable and beautifully made and easy to spend. Price is not expensive if you put up a tent.

BIG BLUE STAR BACKPACKERS staying at Nkahata Bay.

The bar which is attached.

I am setting up a tent.

Lake Malawi right there. The sound of the audible waves is refreshing.

I found "Jojo" for only one book at the inn, who left it.

This Nkahata Bay has a central area spreading on the lowland facing the lake. The sight that the house was filled with confined space was like a port town in Japan. It flourishes around the harbor where fish can be taken here as well.

The port of Nkahata Bay.

The center of Nkahata Bay.

Tanzania, Malawi and children in Motemoth. In Tanzania "Muzung" and will shake handily fine. It's time for us to walk, and "Mujeungu" has already gone. When I entered Malawi, I changed to "Azung". If you dazzle far away, you will jump out as you call "Azung, Azung, Azung". "Muzung" "Azung" Both mean "foreigner". In Japan it is rude to call "foreigner", but it is rather pleasant if it is cheerful and bright like this

Boon and jump out.

The movie at this time is here.

Children who rush while saying "Azung" in Malawi - YouTube

the boys.

Attention to the left end.

I got drawn to it, I stopped without thinking.

Take a pose.

Ladies and gentlemen.

Children gathered "High, High, Coco".

It is decided, it is a pleasure, it is a doubtful.

Boys looking good.

Secretly observe the children.

The center is a texture face? The smile of the two people at the end is also good.

I jumped out of school.

Bicycles and children.

Children sitting in the chair.

Line up in a row.

Children who met when taking a break in the village.

In Malawi I borrowed a school classroom and put up a tent.

A state of English classes written there. The future is yours, so I want you to study hard.

Children of Malawi.

The children of Malawi the Chaliderman met - YouTube

※ It is a specification that the middle of the movie is flying

Somewhere in West Africa, the two girls repeatedly fluttered "Bonjour Musashie" and "Bonjour Musashu" while grabbing the skirt and bowing while holding the skirt. A boy who dances while crying for Punipni's body with the music that flows. Although I am doing it, a smile that gets ridiculous at the moment that it passes by. A small hand that has asked for a handshake while walking with Tech Tec. That gesture that closes his eyes so that soap does not enter when being washed naked. A girl who carries a baby on her lower back despite being 3 or 4 years old. As I approached, I grabbed my parent's clothes and went around behind. It tried to imitate a mother in front, to drop on something on his head, but it gets cut off.

Every day somehow it makes me jerk. Just as the adults become increasingly negative, the innocent children seemed to cancel it. Children in Africa are very attractive. Their pure appearance made me happy again and again.

(Sentence / photo: Takuya S. Narou Charriderman
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