Stop motion animation "The Joy of Books" that moves as if they are flowing

A stop motion animation "The Joy of Books" depicting a fantastic sight that the books spread secretly after the bookshop closed is on YouTube. The books are moving around in every scene, and its smooth movement seems to be that life really lives in books.

The Joy of Books - YouTube

The stage of the work is a bookstore.

The last clerk who is left closes the key and goes home.

Books watching the situation from the show window ......

Inside the dark and quiet place.

Several books showed their heads from the bookshelf and bookshelf.

And when I realized that it was "okay", the light came in quickly at the inside of the store.

A small book comes out from a big book, Matryoshka state of a book.

Even though it's midnight it's very lively

The book that was turning like turning pointed away, and the book standing on a small shelf in the center began to spin around.

The height changes like a visualizer, and the color also changes with sharpness.

I thought that the book came to swim ... ...

This time the blue cover and the book of the red cover march

Men and women on the cover dance on the stage of the book

The books will go away from the bookshelf ...

I came back from the opposite side.

Sean Ohlenkamp and his wife produced. The store which appeared was a real book store in Toronto, and production was done in the form of shooting after closing. By the way, this work is the second work, the first is here.

Organizing the Bookcase - YouTube

This is the setting of the bookshelf of the house.

The rattling and the books started moving ......

Align each color cleanly

The books disappearing beside the rough and rough

"Wait ~", a small book chases it.

Like a wave, the book brought a banana


The waves were pulled, and the banana was left

I'll be filled with books from the top shelf

Bananas that are swallowed in books

Where is the banana?

About next work, Sean Ohlenkamp commented, "There is no one who can help at the Congress library?:" I wonder what kind of epic episode it will be ....

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