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NHK-BS character "CartoonAndNissan's character "PLUG-kun", Hikaru Utada's song "Boku gumama" became popularMakumukumuDwarves' characters who have created characters such as "Dwarven animated movie festivalIt will be held. The period is divided into "Christmas program" from December 17th to 23rd and "New Year's program" from December 31st to January 6th 2012 2012.

The Christmas program is "Christmas of the Komaneko ~ Present that got lost", a special unreleased movie "Beautiful Saturn", TV drama with Mr. Noriyuki Makihara's first collaboration work "The Remember My Name" Maiki Volk "picture book movies and so on. The New Year 's Program is "Others" than "PLUG, OUR NeW WORLD", "Dawn of the Ark", the first public of the theater "Bokumonuma", "Topography shootings soup top"

The public theater is cinema rise with United's cinema nationwide (Sapporo, Maebashi, Urawa, Toyosu, Tokushima, Niigata, Toyohashi 18, Inazawa, Kishiwada, Canal City 13). Throughout the screening period, coloring pictures, first-come gifts and repeater campaigns will be held in theaters, and original products will also be sold.

By the way, GIGAZINE of one year ago wrote such an article.

How can you truly study most by yourself? - GIGAZINE

"Passwords that should not be used" top 50 is released, 1st place is "123456", 2nd place is "password" - GIGAZINE

A wedding dress which looks like only underwear appears in "CIBELES MADRID NOVIAS 2010" - GIGAZINE

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Okonomiyaki (frozen okonomiyaki sauce bonito)

Deep-fried (small fried fried salt cucumber lettuce)

Soup (Sardine Dumplings Tofu Shiitake Mushrooms Carrot Chinese Soup Fiber)

Dessert (Kiwi)

◆ Story (memo · various others)
"Star Wars" Jedi's knight responded more than 10,000 in his "religion" Czech Republic - MSN Sankei News

Announcement "Please support the ○ ○ register": ぁ ゃ ι ぃ (* ゜ ー °) NEWS 2nd

【も ふ も ふ ふ】 My "heterogeneous animal photograph folder" blows fire Thread - slow speed

LEGO too much Warota wwwwwwww | Radic

【There is a picture】 I want to see the private clothes of a woman VIPPER! It is! It is! It is! It is! It is! It is! It is! It is! It is! It is! It is! It is! It is! It is! : Rabbit bulletin

It is not a bikini or a milk bag ... It's a sweater! : Untitled document

"Ν speed" is chosen for "Nice slang wanting to keep this only" of Nikkan Sports: Hamster bulletin

◆ Science (science · academic · technology)
Next Generation Vending Machine Concept with Transmission Display #DigInfo - YouTube

◆ Society, Politics, Economy (Incidents · World News · Business)
Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): Delete criticism of nuclear plants requested, publication just before issuance Nishinippon Shimbun company - Society

The Nishinippon Shimbun (Fukuoka city), which issues block paper in Kyushu, asked for books on community development that environmental activists had asked to write about descriptions that criticized plutonium power generation at Kyushu Electric Power Genkai nuclear power plant, Although I responded, I found out that I canceled publication last December. The editor in charge reported the reason for canceling to the author as "the intention of upper part".

It is unusual for the publication of the book which was the final stage of editing to be canceled. The West Japan Shimbun company does not respond to the interview of the Asahi newspaper.

Genkai nuclear power plant Unit 3 of the cooling water leak that breaks pump main spindle - MSN Sankei News

New York Times newspaper: "Questions behind cold shutdown declaration" | EX-SKF-JP

One in five people rape damaged rice women survey, many of them are sequelae "half partner" is a "partner" - MSN Sankei News

A huge "ship's office" plan floating in the high seas «WIRED.jp World's strongest" techno "journalism

Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): Self-Defense Force public information facility, pointed out by sorting out admission by fee charging - Society

Asahi.com: Disappearing Showa Railway - My Town Chiba

"The welfare of Osaka, the warmth of Osaka, the large amount of welfare payment is provided" Mainichi Broadcasting · Nishiya Ana's remarks ripple

Horipro announces MBO purchase price 1 share 1050 yen: Nihon Keizai Shimbun

University of Tsukuba | Latest Information | Cancellation of Master's Degree and Completion

Trap of decreasing population obstructing Russia | World | latest articles | Newsweek Japan Official Site

Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): Removal of Tokyo Metro · Metropolitan Subway "Wall" Start Kudanshita Station - Society

Actually it is just next door, but it is about 3 minutes away with adult's feet. There were also many complaints from users, and both companies decided to remove the wall.

Please know the entrepreneur as a weak person

Square Enix personal information mass leakage credit card number also

Software error - should develop a lot of money at casino - to develop into lawsuit - CNET Japan

A male who was supposed to have eaten 43 million euros (about 57 million dollars) at the casino slot machine, but a jackpot provided only 60 dollars (about 100 dollars) and free meal because it was a software error, Planning. Mail Online reported.

A new business style called "adult TSUTAYA" secretly opened without advertisement promotion | inside Enterprise | Diamond Online

The Culture · Convenience · Club (CCC) which develops the rental software store "TSUTAYA" opened a commercial facility "Daikanyama T - SITE" in Daikanyama, Tokyo on December 5. Food stores and specialty shops stand on the site of approximately 12,000 square meters, centering on "Daikanyama Tsutaya Bookstore".

Masuda Masuda President 's asset management company invested, he did not disclose the amount, but for the CCC it is said to be "a large scale project once every ten years" (related person).

Nevertheless, rather than doing an opening event, we have done little public disclosure outside.

Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): "Inadequate security" House of Council cyber attack final report - Society

◆ Lifestyle (life, life, health)
Heisei era24 year3 month diary revision concerning - JR Tokai Central Japan Railway Company

(PDF file)March 2012 About the diamond revision [PDF / 88KB] JR East Japan

2011 Saturday, March 17 (Saturday) We will revise the diamond (December 16, 2011) | Odakyu Electric Railway

She came for 2 and a half years she was on AV | 【2ch】 Knee VIP Blog

Keep evolving "Camera girls" Latest circumstances NHK life information blog: NHK

A persuasion technique that Nampa uses on a daily basis - I thought about Shibuya about sex and Nampa

Half Moon Diary: Do you recommend "volunteer writer" as a candidate for a writer?

I think that compensation is a guarantee to what extent the opponent can request the quality. By paying high money, it seems that there is a right to demand the one with the highest quality.
Conversely speaking, asking for something free of charge means that no matter how low the quality of the deliverables is, you can not complain. Or you should prepare in advance the mechanism that "a mechanism that certain results will be born no matter whatever way you do in any way".

actuallythis(Almost all the articles are written by himself.It is unpaid, it is said that it is about the only anxiety about what to do about the article when I return home to the parents house in the New Year) There.

"Ko Walking" seen in Kansai "Real" - Corking Forum KANSAI 2011 | Cybozu Live Magazine

Do you know "familiarity" in reply time? : Psychology of E - mail «WIRED.jp World 's Strongest' Techno 'Journalism

◆ IT · Gadget (Net · Soft · Hard · Mobile)
Metropolitan Police Department forced investigation into gadget communication

Kamio Hisashi Mobile + Views: Strength of "iPad 2" symbolizing the post PC era (1/2) - ITmedia + D PC USER

A little behind the spread of smartphones, 2011 tablet terminal market boomed. But as I opened the lid, the tablet market was "iPad is on sale", not all tablet devices were sold evenly. Where is the strength of iPad and iPad 2?

A wonderful Cover Photo of Facebook "Timeline" Conclusion - NAVER Summary

Google with autonomous car control patent - CNET Japan

Embedded Column of Honda Masakazu (11): "Who's going to make it on Android?" - Let's play games under someone's rules! (1/2) - @ IT MONOist

According to my boss, mySQL searches ... - Yahoo! Chiebukuro

According to my boss, MySQL seems to adopt SQL Server because MySQL is slow because the search is slow and there are restrictions on the SQL sentence, so it is not good.
Does it really make sense for MySQL?

Microsoft's "So.cl" Project Unveiled - CNET Japan

Consideration about rabbits appearing on iPhone - # RyoAnnaBlog

Google announces a dedicated crawler for smartphone site Googlebot-Mobile :: SEM R

"Path 2.0", the number of monthly active users 9 times in 2 weeks? IT / Technology | TechDoll.jp

Aim for the 4-D pocket of Doraemon! : Nikkei Business Online

The first one is Mr. Kenko Yamamoto, representative of the web site "Sumally" (Summary) from Japan which is an encyclopedia of things. The career to starting a business is also interesting. After studying game theory at Hitotsubashi University, he entered Dentsu. After that he moved to fashion magazine GQ. After that, I got up Sumally.

From the UK "Economist": the spread and possibilities of the Maker movement (expiration date until 12/29) - left over junk

Map of CPAN

| Dictionary of pottery pottery | Image database | Nara Cultural Properties Research Institute |

Enable regular expression in Illustrator (RegX) - DTP Transit

Establishment of recommendation link to make the blog coloring - zenback, LinkWithin, Outbrain | Will feel Tips

WILLCOM, with some frequency shifts, more than 100 models require operation - Mobile Watch

There are Vimmer's blogs: Firefox Hacks Rebooted review

11 "Breakdown" breakthrough achieved 10 million downloads 【Sumaho 2011 Winter】 - Digital - Nikkei Trendy Net

Nico Nico can not do videos and real weak people - chaotic diary of ryoko 174

Exploring the methodology of social "context planning" from Takahiro Hiko's handwritten notes in the looop Naoto

Former '2channels' administrator Hiroyuki "Windbreaker law can be applied to social games" - week pre NEWS

About the start of information dissemination by Twitter: Bank of Japan Bank of Japan

BitTorrent used pirated download, Sony, Universal, Fox turned out to be done | Slashdot Japan YRO

There are also other downloads confirmed from Google's New York office including Windows 7 etc. Moreover, no history was confirmed from San Francisco headquarters of BitTorrent Inc., he says. By the way, youhavedownloaded.com does not get all the download history, it is tracking about 20% of the whole.

Simple and secure password management - Approach taken by "Windows 8" and "IE 10" - CNET Japan

Firefox, binary size gets too big and can not be optimized on 32 bit Windows | Slashdot Japan IT

Compact & powerful, yet cheap: small and high performance! Try the small PC "AeroMini MI5J-D33 / S" equipped with Core i7 (1/2) - ITmedia + D PC USER

First major renewal after the acquisition of "TweetDeck" - AIR version and breakup - CNET Japan

With this new TweetDeck, only non-Twitter accounts supported by Facebook are available. MySpace, LinkedIn, Foursquare, and "Google Buzz" are not supported. In addition, customization of color and font, keyboard shortcut function and so on are gone.

◆ Anime · Game · Manga (Subcar)
(PDF file)Movie "Beyond the Dot Hack Sekai" Fukuoka / Yanagawa Tour

Major Toy Store "Gundam AGE can not be sold because of net negative cann Hino says it will not beat the damage on rumor": 2 Ran chan chan

A ... because of Ale
G ... Gundam
E ... It is over (END)

【SQUARE ENIX × BYKING】 Online multiplayer match type new arcade project started! | SQUARE ENIX
There is a follow-up report on January 11 next year.

◆ Sports · Entertainment · Music · Movie (Entertainment)
In the bomb victory of Barça, why Kashiwa stands in a dilemma | SOCCERZINE

Kimichi Ikezoe in front of Arima commemoration About the fact that the riding horse's riding horse has stopped during the JRA converted effective day - Expanding horse racing to life from good morning to good night

【Full Text Submission】 What is the solution to the "J League · Referee issue" to be made constantly? (Part 1) 【Teruyo Terashita】 - J Maga - Soccer Journal (Football Journal) - livedoor Sports

Chunichi Newspaper: "Football field at site of bicycle race track" Multipurpose exercise facility: Shiga (CHUNICHI Web)

◆ New product (clothing / food / housing)
This is for beer! "Binano · Nanami mayonnaise taste to beer" "Bino / Aruba black pepper taste to beer" New release for a limited time / Notice from East Hato
Release on January 23, 2012

(PDF file)~ Directed time for bliss! ~ "Salon de Soulèu apple tea" 500 ml New release nationwide from December 20, 2011 (Tue)!

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