The moment a helicopter crashes and is destroyed like a scene of a movie Intensified movie movie

A helicopter trying to install a telecom christmas tree reaching a height of 7 stories at the center of Auckland Central Te Wero Island Bridge will hit the propeller on the wire for maintaining the tree as it is and will crash the ground at the moment of the shock It is a movie.

Helicopter Crash Auckland Waterfront / Do not worry about that Richard, ring the news room! - YouTube


I'm caught on the wire and bent with a throat

Lean as it is ......

To Gushagsha.

And crash

As the rotating part stopped forcibly, the explosive sound "Ky!" Reverberate

There is also a full version movie of two cameras that took the whole story of this situation from another angle, which is also impressive.

New Zealand helicopter crash (5 min Full Video) - YouTube

The first hand-held camera shoots the moment0m 56sFrom around.

If you look at this angle you will see well what you are doing

Moment of crash

Workers to escape

Fully messed up

A worker rushed over and began rescuing

Although the pilot was carried into the hospital, it seems that it is safe

The second fixed camera captured the moment3m36sFrom around.

Tilting helicopter

I'm bent in an incompetent direction

Fall in a blink of an eye


Workers escaping with a dash


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