"Nico Nico Film Screening" which can comment while watching movies & Paid movie distribution start

Nico Nico Douga started a movie distribution service from 13 o'clock on Monday, November 14 (Monday), and a new service "Nico Nico Film Screening" has also started. The first screening is "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2", which is screened the same day as Blu - ray / DVD release / rental start.

Movie TOP - Nico Nico Channel

Nico Nico Film Screening New work 100 yen · Old work 50 yen! - Nico Nico Channel

There are two patterns of how to purchase movies.

· Billing type each time: Purchase favorite titles at any time, you can watch for 2 days from purchase. Basic price "New work 400 yen" "Old work 300 yen".

· Permanent viewing type: After purchase it is permanently viewable without viewing deadline. Offered from "1000 yen".

Even this alone seems to be "I finally came", but "Nico Nico Film Screening" is more like a Nico Nico video. I can only see it for the specified date and time, but the charge setting is as follows.

· Nico Nico Video Premium member: "New 100 yen", "Old work 50 yen"

· General members: "New 400 yen", "Old works 300 yen"

The first "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2" is from November 15 (Tuesday) 24 o'clock (Wednesday 16th November) 0 o'clock), and about 15 minutes from the start of the screening is the first work " The philosopher's stone "- the seventh work" the treasure of death PART 1 "that the digest video will be broadcast free of charge.

Harry Potter's latest work "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2" / Nico Nico Film Screening - Nico Nico Live Broadcasting

The future broadcast schedule is as follows.

November 17 (Thur) 21: Mechanic (starring: Jason Statham)

Friday, November 18 (21 o'clock): Monsters / Extraterrestrials

Saturday, November 19 (Sat) 16: Harry Potter first to third episode broadcast

Sunday, November 20 (Sunday) 16: Harry Potter 4th to 6th episode broadcast

Tuesday, November 22 (Tuesday) 21: New appearance by Jason Statham "Russian · Roulette"

Wednesday, November 23 (Wed) 21: Harry Potter's latest work "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2"

Saturday, November 26 (Sat) 21: Academy Award (R) Feature Animation Film Award "Happy Feet"

Sunday, November 27 (Sunday) 21: Legendary works by Bruce Lee! "Burn the Dragon"

Saturday, December 3 (Sat) 21: Starring Sylvester Stallone "Cobra"

December 4th (Sun) 21: Arnold Schwarzenegger starring "Elaser"

December 8 (Thur) 21 o'clock: "Imagine / John Lennon"

Saturday, December 10 (Sat) 21: "300 "

Sunday, December 11 (Sunday) 21 o'clock: "Austin Powers: Deluxe"

December 17 (Sat) 21: Tom Cruise Co-starring Watanabe Ken "Last Samurai"

December 18 (Sun) 16: "Matrix trilogy + Animatrix one broadcasting"

December 24 (Sat) 21: "Polar Express"

December 25 (Sun) 21: Starring Johnny Depp "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory"

Wednesday, December 28 (Wed) 0: New work "Hangover !! Worst hangover ever, cross the border"

December 30th (Friday) 16 o'clock: "Lord of the Rings Three Copies One Broadcasting"

January 1 (Sat) 23: "Police Academy"

January 2 (Sun) 23: "Police Academy 2 All Emergence!"

January 3 (Monday) 23: "Police Academy 3 All Retrain!"

January 4 (Tue) 0 o'clock: New work "Green Lantern"

January 13 (Thur) 21: "Friday the 13th"

Friday, January 14 (21 o'clock): "Full Metal Jacket"

January 15 (Sat) 21: New work "Beanfu Kozan"

January 21 (Friday) 21 o'clock: "Batman Begins"

January 22 (Sat) 21: "Iron · Giant"

January 28 (Fri) 21: Starring Brad Pitt "Seven"

January 29 (Sat) 21: "Goonies"

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