Editing 4500 hours of YouTube's posted video and releasing a documentary movie released in 90 minutes for free

YouTube recruits videos from users, edits the gatherings and finishes it into a 90-minute feature documentary film "Life In A DayIt is a work called. This work which was also made public in theaters in August this year is released free of charge on YouTube from today.

YouTube Blog: Life in a Day now available on YouTube

Life In A Day - YouTube

"Life In A Day" is a movie made from videos posted by users on July 24, 2010. The number was about 80 thousand from 192 countries, totaling 4500 hours in total. This was awarded the academy long documentary film award in the movie "Black September / Olympic Terror's Truth (One Day in September)" with the subject of the Munich Olympic GamesKevin McDonaldThe director of production was directed by Ridley Scott and Tony Scott's brothers, directed by "Blade Runner", "Gladiator", "Black Hawk Down" director.

The movie was completed in January 2011 and the premiere screening was done. On August 27, the public was also made at 20 theaters all over the country including United Cinema Toyosu.

Movie 'LIFE IN A DAY Official website of a day in the earth'

Contents look like this. There are also differences in the environment of the users who posted, the screen size is 4: 3 or 16: 9, and the picture quality also varies. However, as expected it is only a professional finishing, and a complete movie is completed perfectly.

By the way, subtitles of each language are properly displayed on YouTube, so Japanese subtitles will be displayed if you access from Japan.

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