Tomato's carbonated drink "TOMASH", a new release from November 1

Kagome, which sells many tomato foods such as tomato ketchup, tomato juice and hall tomato, announces that it will release a new tomato carbonated drink "TOMASH" from November 1, which has never been seen before. did.

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Speaking of drinks from Kagome, tomato juice or vegetable life comes to mind, but this TOMASH is carbonated drink made from tomatoes. I used carefully selected tomatoes, the taste is not tomato juice, it is better to imagine the tomato flavor of carbonated drinks. The color is cloudy red color if it is tomato juice, but TOMASH seems to be a pink color with transparent feel like rosé wine.

The price is 147 yen including tax, 250ml per one. It is on sale from November 1st.

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