Golden rules for putting delicious tea better than usual with tea bags

I hope people who think "tea that was in tea bags is not tasty" is a trick to put tea in tea bags.

From the tea ceremony, perfuming the tea itself in a tea bag may seem odd. But just adding one time, the taste of tea can be mistaken. The basic principle to protect when putting tea in pots is "Golden ruleAlthough saying that, tea bags can be pulled in the same way, you can withdraw taste.

Tea bag | How to make delicious tea | Nitto tea

This time"Daily ClubWe use 25 bags of. Nitto tea deal mainly with tea bags, and goods including daily clubs are well placed in supermarkets. Rare and elegant, in other words, it is unusual among tea makers to sell with an inaccessible image, and it is a manufacturer that sells tea for the masses.

Tea bag of Nitto tea is like this. I will put it in at once.

1: Warm the cup
First put a little hot water in a cup, turn it to draw a circle and throw it away.

2: Gently put the tea bag in boiling water
Put the boiled hot water in the cup, then gently put the tea bag.

3: Move with lid
There was a saucer, which is a saucer for the tea cup here, so we used it to do a lid. In the case of a mug, you can put a lap on it, so do not let the heat and moisture escape anyway OK. A lid dedicated to the mug is "Mug capIt is sold variously.

Because the tea bag package often has steaming time written on it, please check this opportunity for those who did not usually care. The steaming time is set to 1 minute, so wait on that time.

4: Pull up the tea bag
Shake the tea bag a little bit and remove it. As steamed, the color of black tea should be coming out well, so you do not need to squeeze out tea bags enough to taste it. Let's take out lightly when you drain water and throw it away. If steaming steadily, delicious ingredients will be exhausted at 1 degree, so even if you use the same tea bag a couple times, the same taste will not come out. Even if repeatedly used, there is no harm especially, but please remember only the same deliciousness will never come out again.

The finished tea was finished in a strong aroma that is not comparable with tea when putting it in hot water for 2 to 3 seconds immediately. I do not put any sugar, but I feel strong sweetness in the aftertaste. Even if it is a milk tea, the smell of black tea remains level. Therefore, if you like a thinner straight tea, it may be a little more to reduce the steaming time.

◆ Tea bag tea knowledge

· Producing area for tea
Although there are various types of tea leaves, I will explain the difference between 'Sri Lanka's highgrown' used for Nitto tea for the moment and 'India's Assam'.

1: High Grown of Sri Lanka
The tea leaves brought up in the Sri Lankan altitude of 1,200 to 2,500 meters are called "highgrows" because they are raised at highlands. However, Sri Lanka is the biggest producing area of ​​tea, "High Grown of Sri Lanka" does not know the exact production place. It is considered to be tea leaves coming from around because the high altitude of Uba, Dimbra, Nuwara Eeria etc. where the place name is adopted as it is for the name of tea leaves is high producing area of ​​"High Grown"

紅茶を作っている国(スリランカの紅茶) << 紅茶辞典

2: Assam in India
As with Sri Lanka, it is the tea made in the Assam region, accounting for half of India's tea production, which is cultivated in the state of black tea. The place name is the name of the kind of tea leaves as it is. There are few peculiarities, rich in flavor and aroma, when deep red tea comes out. It is said that it is drunk all over the world as a representative of tea.

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· Shape of tea bag
Tea bags of Nitto tea had a flat shape, but recently triangular objects have appeared. this is"Lipton Yellow Label"Tea bag, on the official page is what is called" pyramid type tea bag ".

"Lipton Yellow Label" on the left, "Daily Club" at Nitto Tea on the right. "Lipton Yellow Label" is made of all sides triangular. On the other hand, the "Daily Club" is similar to the shape of an existing tea bag and has a rectangular shape.

The advantage of a triangular tea bag is said to be due to the phenomenon of "jumping" which causes tea leaves to fly up when put in hot water. When you look at the glass teapot, you can see clearly what kind of state "jumping" refers to.

How to make tea delicious (Recipe) - Try it for Gatten - YouTube

Jumping "is said to be a secret to make tea tasty,In overseas, the term "jumping" is not used and the experiment result that "tea is not delicious due to" jumping "but" jumping "can be seen with the tea made to be deliciousThere is also. If you keep the above mentioned way, it seems better to choose according to the taste of tea leaves than the shape of tea bag.

· The secret of flavor tea
"Flavor tea" with fruits and floral fragrance attached to tea may have a good scent such as apple and muscat, so some people may prefer to drink. This is a "Freshestie 6 Variety Pack"is.

You can tell by looking at the raw material name, but all kinds of flavored tea are sprinkled with fragrance. Even if you say fragrance to a bite,Natural fragrance and artificial flavor extracting fragrance from materialThere are two kinds, and it may mix dry fruits and petals. The most major flavor tea,BergamotI gave the scent of citrus fruitEarl Grey.

Regardless of the type of perfume and raw materials, it smells over the fragrance of the original tea leaves,It is not uncommon for fragrance to give product value to tea with poor qualityThat's right.

· Tea bags are "luxury goods"
People from India and Sri Lanka, the production areas of tea, are not likely to drink tea in a handy price range that can be purchased at supermarkets in Japan.Premium tea leaves are exported almost entirely to foreign countries in order to be a source of income, tea that the general public can talk is powdery low class teaThat's why.

However, it is certain that tea produced in your country is a drink that is closely related to your daily life and can not be used for everyday life. Tea leaves called powdery "dust" have lower grade, but freshly brewed fresh produce is far more delicious than those used in Japanese tea bags. Sometimes it is offered as a fashionable drink at a cafe etc.ChaiIs also the wisdom of life developed to deliciously drink dust grade tea in India.

It looks like he is making chai in India. It is different from the image of "tea" being drunk in Japan, but in the real place it is boiled in a saucepan like below and dark milk tea with spice is drunk.


This is the home chai where this was in India. It is common to pour into a small cup of glass and drink it, and it is said that it is "Individuals experienced in India", "It was quite a punchy taste, which is different from things in Japan."


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