"Toshiba" "Pioneer" "Kyocera" First-class companions gather at CEATEC JAPAN 2011

The cutting-edge IT / electronics comprehensive exhibition which is being held from Tuesday, October 4 to Saturday, October 8 "CEATEC JAPAN 2011"As for showing the magnitude of the scale of the event, top-notch companions are placed in every and every booth. First of all, please enjoy companions who wear costumes that each company has a glimpse of its characteristics, such as Toshiba, Pioneer, and Kyocera.

CEATEC JAPAN 2011 | Official website

◆ Suntech


◆ Research Park Booth · Loinos

◆ Green IT Promotion Council

◆ Kyocera

The other day "HONEY BEE 101K"To be holding.

◆ Toshiba

A show was held at the special stage.

◆ Nikkei BP

◆ Pioneer

The event also ended, and a show was shown that pioneer products can deliver a fun and comfortable life.

The sister is also in charge of DJ.

It is a ruttony.

Once re-appearing across the garment

Mr. companion came one after another from the back. Finally it is a finale.

Arrange with slurry.

I will post a lot of companion articles of "CEATEC JAPAN 2011" so please look forward to it.

"Top NTT companion awaits" CEATEC JAPAN 2011 "NTT" "I Robot" booth - GIGAZINE

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