Mr. Penguin at the age of 79, my dream is "to sleep in Antarctica"

Mr. Alfred David (79) that "Mr. penguin" who wears a penguin wearing costumes walking around the city. I understand that you just love penguins just by looking, but his love is not limited to only cosplay, and the future dream is to say "to dawn in Antarctica".

Belgium's Mr Penguin dreams of Antarctic funeral | Reuters

Avid, living in Brussels, Belgium, triggered a deep life with penguins so far, was a car accident encountered in May 1968. He was injured his buttocks by this accident. He was unable to behave as if he had not done it before, and he got staggered when he walked, and from the place where it looked like a penguin, he gave his nickname "Mr. penguin" from his colleagues I said that it was.

David wearing your favorite penguin suit.

David became interested in penguin, though this is a nickname that can be taken even if he is kinking his injuries. Then, I gathered everything related to penguins, and eventually I created a museum that displays over 3,500 penguin goods he possesses in my house.

Obsession with his penguins did not know where to stay, and finally David consulted his wife, "I'd like to name my family register" Mr. penguin ". As expected the wife has kicked him and his collections from the house. In response to this incident, the majority of Mr. David's penguin collection was donated to the local football team and said they had their team operating expenses added.

"Mr. Penguin" appeared in numerous television programs due to its appearance and the dramatic nature of the interest in the penguin, and in 1992 the film "Batman Returns"I heard that they were invited to Amsterdam Premier in some cases.

"Mr. Penguin" commented on Reuters' interview that "My ultimate dream is to be submerged in the deep ocean near the penguin's habitat and be brought to the sea." His penguin love will not shake forever.

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