A serious "Honey Bee 101 K" Movie Review for Softbank Schoolgirl

Today was doneSoftbank Mobile 's 2011 Winter Spring Model PresentationThe "HONEY BEE 101K"Movie review will be delivered.

HONEY BEE 101K "which made Kyocera PHS series" HONEY BEE "which is highly popular mainly in school girls highlighted as" smartphone ", but hit" HONEY BEE "which focused on the second demand and focused on the demand It has changed, it has become a serious model equipped with a dual core CPU.

This is the "HONEY BEE 101K" body. 3.5-inch wide VGA (800 x 480) liquid crystal, dual core CPU "MP5225 (1.2 GHz)" manufactured by Renesas Electronics, 5 million pixel camera, 2 million pixel front camera, IEEE 802.11 b / g / n compatible wireless LAN, infrared communication Features, GPS, Bluetooth. It supports HSPA + with maximum downlinking of 21 Mbps and HSUPA with uplink maximum of 5.8 Mbps. It has waterproof performance equivalent to IPX 5/7, the battery capacity is 1240 mAh. It will be on sale from late December 2011.
Exterior of "HONEY BEE 101K" - YouTube

Cute and functional living together "HONEY BEE 101K" keyboard - YouTube

"HONEY BEE 101K" First installed function · Detailed keyboard size setting - YouTube

"Kirei Factory" preinstalled on the terminal is an application that performs skin whitening correction and correction to show the eyes big. Since it is not distributed in the Android Market, it seems to be said to be a unique feature of this model.

Photo correction application "Kirei Factory" - YouTube

2011 Winter - 2012 Spring Softbank New Product Announcement! | SOFTBANK MOBILE

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