A girls college student whose height is about 69 cm, the world's shortest is cheerleader

"Guinness records to be registered this year"The woman of the world's shortest"Is Bridgette Jordan (22 years old) with a height of 2 feet 3 inches (68.58 cm). She is a pretty active person who does not suit the small body and she is active as a cheerleader in university club activities.

Bridgette Jordan: World's shortest woman is 2ft tall cheerleader | Mail Online

Bridgette who lives in Illinois, USA participates in club activities at the cheerleading department of Kaskaskia University. Of course, the smallest Bridgette among the girls of the same generation decides the pose that made use of its smallness.

Bridgette who performs desk work using children's chair and desk. A laptop that is convenient to carry is also quite huge for her and seems to be hard to reach for the key.

The way to climb the kitchen counter and stir in the pan is like a scene of a fairy tale.

Bridgette's elder brother, Brad is also short, even if he adds the height of the two guys, he is also 5 feet 5 inches (about 165 cm) and has a record as "the world's tallest brother-sister".

When asked about Mr. Bridgette recalling Guinness records from a former holder, "I am very proud, I think small things are wonderful, everyone thinks that everyone should have confidence in themselves "I answered. My older brother Brad also commented, "This record makes me think that it will be an opportunity for everyone to know that there is nothing wrong with what is different from others."

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