Photograph collection capturing the appearance that dogs are trembling at high speed and becoming ridicule expressions

It is a photo album called "Shake" that captures the appearance of a ridiculous expression by shooting the moment the dog is trembling at high speed. This is a work of Carlie Davidson who works as a freelance photographer at the Oregon Zoo and creates a fresh impression by cutting off a moment with a camera even in casual everyday movements.

Carli Davidson | Carli Davidson Photography

1:At first sight it looks like I do not know what. Cartoon"Grappler BakiIt is similar to the face when the character is being beaten in the series

2:Because the face is distorted extremely, somewhereCubismFeeling like

3:The splashing splashing seems to be a whirlwind

Four:It is more realistic and different impression if it is color

Five:Body hair is being trimmed, atmosphere like female artist's promotional video

6:Whether the skin is thin or not, the facial expression of this dog has not changed much

7:My body seemed to be wet, I was skipping a lot of splashed water

8:A cat is the last. Unlike dogs, I did not change facial expression much

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