Hit with a huge hammer and hit the opponent when you win If you win "Gigabocco !!"

"A fight with the opponent who sits in front of me with a huge hammer, and you can hit the opponent for 10 seconds if you win"Appeared from Taito. this isThe 49th Amusement Machine ShowAlthough it seems to be a ridiculous barbarous game to be placed at the game center when it sees only the explanation, it is a game that can enjoy the incense battle by two people in fact.

A huge toy in Taito booth.

The name is called "Gigabocco !!".

This is based on the epoch company's "Pokapong gameIt is a battle game where you battle opponents with one lever.

The Pokapong game which became a model is kore. I wonder if there are many people who have done it.

Actually sitting here and hitting with the opponent sitting opposite the hammer.

Operation is a little lever. When you push the lever forward, hit it with a hammer and pull it to protect. It is really simple.

It sounds like a melee and it shoots and shouts every time it hits, and it seems to bloom the battle.

When losing in the toy's Pokapong game, the head of the character jumps out, but in this "gigabocco !!" the hammer is locked and the winning player knocks down the player who loses for 10 seconds " Winning Bocco "state. Speaking of game played by actually moving the body at the game center Speaking of the game of the match game, air hockey etc. are popular, but "Gigabocco !!" seems to enjoy a hot battle though.

※ "Pokapon" is a registered trademark of Epoch Co., Ltd.

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