"Dragon Quest X Awakening Five Races" Wii and Wii U, 3DS also Cooperates

SQUARE ENIX became the first online title of the series as the latest work of the popular RPG series "Dragon Quest", five races appear "Dragon Quest X Awakening Five Tribes"We announced, but the platform to support was revealed.

USTREAM: 25th anniversary of birth Dragon Quest new work release: In 1986, 25 years since Famicom Software "Dragon Quest" was released. "Dragon Quest" exceeded 58 million lines of cumulative series shipment, became synonymous with RPG. And now, a new door is opened ... Monday, September 5th (Monday) It was done from 14: 00 ...

Originally "Dragon Quest 10" was definitely for Wii at the time of "Dragon Quest 9" announcement, but the "Wii U" version announced in June this year at the Dragon Quest New Workshop held today It is revealed that it will come out.

It is said that Wii U version will be able to play with more beautiful graphics than Wii version, and it also works with Nintendo 3DS. Unfortunately, Nintendo 3DS can not play the game itself, but it is said that it will be possible to carry your character in 3DS and carry around, such as Dragon Quest 9 communication.

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"Dragon Quest X Awakening Five Races" will be released in 2012 - GIGAZINE

Dragon Quest X Awakening Five Races | SQUARE ENIX

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