Bacteria that produce car fuel from old newspaper are discovered

Scientists at the Chulane University in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA, will become alternative fuels for petrol from the old newspaperBiobutanolWe have discovered a new kind of bacteria that produces the newspaper, and are conducting research on the bacteria using old newspapers.

Tulane University - Cars Could Run on Recycled Newspaper, Tulane Scientists Say

Bioethanol fuel has been a topic as an eco friendly alternate fuel for a while, but biobutanol has easier to handle as a substitute fuel for gasoline. Since the calorific value is almost equal to that of gasoline, it can be used as fuel without adjusting the engine of the car and can be transported by the same transportation method as gasoline, so even without adjusting or manufacturing new equipment It is advantageous to use it.

Bacteria called "TU-103" is the first bacterial species to be able to produce biobutanol directly from organic compound cellulose. Biobutanol-producible bacteria are usually dead under aerobic conditions, but "TU-103" can continue to work even in aerobic conditions. Even just creating an oxygen-free state will cost, so this is a major advance in the production of biobutanol.

"Cellulose is contained in every green plant and is the most component-rich organic compound, it is a dream of many scientists to convert it to biobutanol," a research by Professor David Mullin of cellular molecular mechanics Horshad Velankar, a doctoral researcher belonging to the room, commented.

Professor David Mullin from the right, Harshad Velankar, a doctoral fellow, and undergraduate Hailee Rask.

ByTulane Public Relations

Professor Mullin says, "This discovery can lower the cost of biobutanol production and biobutanol produced from cellulose is a fuel with low environmental impact because it emits less carbon dioxide and smog than gasoline Also, by converting old newspapers and the like into fuels, it will be one factor that will lead the problem of the capacity problem of the garbage disposal site whose limit value is a problem to go away. "

Older newspapers are just an example of raw materials for butanol production, but if fuel is made from those containing cellulose, it may be that many of the things that have been treated as garbage can be reused as fuel not.

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