From 4 mm minimal cup to classic crane, the smaller the origami they get on the fingertips

The origami work which is finally small enough to get on the tip of the finger. The motif starts with a classic crane, swans and squirrels, and even semi and geckos, and it looks at its smallness and the fineness of making it.

The size of the squirrel which stands with his forefoot floating is 18 mm, and I made Roman Diaz.

9 mm and the smallest pigeon. The shaping as if it is flying is brilliant.

Flower origami received a delicate impression made from thin paper.

This bird also has a different style from origami crane and so on.

It is the shape of a standard crane, but it is really small indeed. The size is 9 mm.

A small dog that seems to fly away in a flash in the blink of an eye. This is a work by Kunihiko Kasahara, which is not a square paper but a broken triangular paper cut in half.

The size of the elephant is 37 mm. Compared to the thing we have seen so far it will be fairly large, but it is still the smallest size compared to the work of common origami. It is a work of Roman Diaz.

Even if it is too small it will barely be visible, but this seems to be semi. It is 4mm and very small size, Michael Lafosse is the author.

Fold rather than something like twisted, 38 mm snowflake.

Geckos by Pham Dinh.

A swan that is elegantly swimming is due to Jannie Van Schuylenburg.

It seems to be a leaf. This is also 9mm and very small.

Small origami works are produced in large quantities and you can see other works from the links below.

Flickr: faltsucht's Photostream

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