Magical Musket gun also sharply reproduced "Magical girl Madoka ☆ Magica" Mami

Wonder Festival 2011 [Summer]In general dealer exhibits in particular there were many "magical girl Madoka ☆ Magica" related,Magical girls figures and dolls various,Kaname Madoka,Akemi HomuraI came together, but Mami (Tomoe Mami) is followed.

Mr. Mami who painted as Madoka 's senior magical girl in the work and showed that he was the imitation writer for this piece of imitation Fugen and did not advance as a merely lone magical girl. Although it is often used as a character (lonely) as a character, it is popular in three-dimensionalization, and its rich breasts, which are not junior high school students, have been reproduced spectacularly by prototype masters.

7-06-14(Yes) HyperspaceMami

8-16-05TsuruokanTomoe Mami (original type: Chizuru, Mashita), 10,000 yen

The base cake is not attached.

7-19-02Hatachi Koko AllianceTomoe Mami (6000 yen) and Magical Musket (1000 yen).

8-21 - 04Azukado podTomoe Mami (original type: Shinya Inoue), exhibition only

7-17-09Aharu AkabushidoTomoe Mami (with 9 Musket guns), 8000 yen

6-08-04Tannhuiser GateMami, 5000 yen

6-12-11SB4 black bell small diameterTomoe mami

5-17-01Kobayashi StudioTomoe Mami, 8000 yen

Witch of sweets with Charlotte.

4-11 - 04Electricity atriumTomoe Mami, 5000 yen

4-20-05Machi ArtTomoe Mami Magical Girl Ver., 4000 yen

4-20-08Tsurupeta ★ KingdomTomoe Mami, 7000 yen

4-03-01Cherry BlossomTomoe Mami (original type: Tomo)

8-08-02Sugar WotomeTomoe Mami, 7000 yen

8-05-13Grizzly PandaTomoe mami

8-13-02POLYGONIATomoe mami

Homura shield, 3500 yen

Mami · Musket gun is 5500 yen

Mami · vine which had been exhibited prototype

4-11-09Works SapporoTomoe Mami, exhibition only

8-01-04Annoyante & UkrugundoMami 's will be on sale at the next one - festival.

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