Super luxury hot dog with caviar and truffle will be released at the baseball stadium

The hot dog sold at the baseball stadium is accompanied by a handy watching event but a store that launched a special menu with caviar and truffle appeared, aiming for world record as "the world's most expensive hot dog".

Mushroom dust, caviar and truffles: $ 80 ball park hot dog vying for world record | Mail Online

A shop named Brockton Roxstadium in the Massachusetts baseball stadium "Massachusetts Stadium" in the United States / Massachusetts State was devised "McMullen Dog" luxury hot dog. The origin of the name is the name of the chef who produced this hot dog.

In 226 grams of 100% beef sausage baked in truffle oilPorcini mushroomsAnd white truffle, and if it is normal, squeeze cream and squeeze out caviar and ice cream on top of it and use the finest bread.

The top is a normal hot dog, the bottom is "McMullen Dog". Leaving aside whether it is high grade or not, it is quite a spectacular figure to squeeze cream on sausage,Nagoya's coffee shop "Mountain" known as "Sweet Matcha Ogura Spaghetti"I remembered ... ...

As a result of extensive use of high-grade ingredients, the price is 80 dollars (about 6260 yen), the first unlikely price is set as a hot dog.

For the moment it is said that the world's premier hot dog is the famous cafe in New York "Serendipity 3"The Foot Long Haute Dog" provided at the price of $ 69 (about 5399 yen). Certainly the price is higher for "McMullen Dog", so it seems that it will take away the best in the world, but I wonder if super boutique hot dog battle will be developed with this It will be.

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