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"Momoko is my childhood friend. For weeks after I started dating with Momoko, I do homework together at Momoko's house, but my parents are absently and excitedly odd ..."
Cute girls come to your house with delicious ham.

...... which realizes the situation of ...Kokesō ~ Koisuru eating ~ cook.1 When she cooked ham for me"Was released. Actually bacon and chicken also comes with ham and wiener, it is a certain meaningless content that you can eat with her reflected on the screen, the price is 3675 yen. People who feel dyserous to eat dinner by themselves seems to try ordering as well.

By the way, GIGAZINE of one year ago wrote such an article.

Taste remains in mouth An eerie drink "Dragon Quest Itroids Slime" Tasting Review - GIGAZINE

A cell phone with a design that is too deep to go ahead of the latest in the era will be exhibited at iida 4th bulletin release - GIGAZINE

This is Real Shaolin Football, Shaolin Martial Arts School's Football Team Fight against Amateur Team - GIGAZINE

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Painful news (No ∀ `): Men Yu rush and" Naked up! "Ryokan extortion 17-year-old girl arrested Kagawa - Livedoor blog

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Current affairs dot com: "dental teeth" with dentures = 5 grafted together, playing - success with mouse · Tokyo Science University etc.

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Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): Exposure from Food "Quite Small" Welfare Ministry Council Views - Society

The council of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare released the estimated dose (hibaku) dose when a food containing radioactive substances due to the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear accident was ingested for one year, the Council of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare announced on 12th. It was about 0.1 millisieverts on average for all ages, which was significantly lower than the annual allowable amount from food (5 cs radioactive cesium, 2 m 3 radioactive iodine).

Junior high school teacher USB memory lost NHK News

Current affairs dot com: "One child" review movement = With aging progress - China

Guangdong Provincial Population and Planning and Childbirth Committee director Tsang Chao said to the newspaper that it is planned to conduct a new policy experimentally in the ministry if one of the couple is an only child and that two children can be born He said.

A rich man of Dew, collective purchase of "Ichitake Tsuji flowers" at the collapse museum: International: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)

Mr. Shodiyev who is a name for Forbes magazine's long-term number in the asset of 3.7 billion dollars (about 298 billion yen) hears the information that the collection work can be auctioned and concerns that "the work group will fall apart." Through a company of a Japanese friend I bought all the works of the museum for about 270 million yen.

Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): JR Shinkoiwa station also took another passenger accident all-way high-speed railway driving - society

Hokuriku Shinkansen: Limited express discontinuance policy with opening up, ripple along the river "Living legs, do not deprive me" / Niigata - Everyday jp (Mainichi Newspaper)

As Kyushu Shinkansen opened, Akone station of Kagoshima Prefecture Akune city which became parallel along conventional parallel line. The limited express is abolished and the bullet train does not stop as well. In March 2004, the third sector "Hydrangea Orenji Railway" (Yatsushiro - Kawauchi) from JR Kyushu followed. The planning and coordinating section of the city said, "It was inconvenient to have a connection to go to the center of Kagoshima city, because the express stops, the image down is big and the momentum of the city and the economy have retreated."

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An answer to the question "When there are students coming to the nursing school health room a lot in interview practice" - Lion's retreat

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Twitter blog: # Japanese hashtag

Symbols such as ☆ and ♪ and pictograms used on mobile phones can not be used within hashtags. So, for example, "# Lucky Star" or "# Madoka ☆ Magica" etc. are not recognized as hashtags, so please be careful.

Operation precautions of "Japanese hash tag" using Japanese character strings started to be used today.

Melisawa font "Haruhi Gakuen" 's melancholy - Ha ha blog

The number used by the author of the typeface, Yasushi Nanatsuki in the book is "Haruyang (Shunyo)"
The kun reading of it is "Haruhi". When releasing as OpenType font
It seems that he made "Haruhi Gakuen" by attaching "Haruhi" to the original "school".

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Under investigation arrested 47-year-old man on charges of stealing figures of "this" "Satanako" - MSN Sankei News

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Shingo Katori "Tachibana supporters choir" and thematic songs - Entertainment News: nikkansports.com

Katori complains "It feels good!" And satisfied expression. "I thought that it was not so interesting in a frequent trend of becoming a movie from a series of dramas, but it was really fun!" I made a PR with jokes.

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