It is visible by enlarging it to 250 times The world of the beautiful beach sand grain

The sand on the beach,"Masan at the beach runs out"As it is written in a song, it is also a symbol of what has an unlimited number, and although it is not often the case that one grain is focused on it, if you try to magnify the sand grain with an electron microscope, the sand grains themselves Seems to have a very beautiful shape. The picture below is taken by Dr. Gary Greenberg, who studies biomedical science at the University of London, magnifying the beach sand grain 250 times and shooting it. You can see the sand grain with various colors and shapes.

Pictures of sand: Close up photographs reveal its incredible beauty | Mail Online

Dr. Greenberg spent five years, from around Japan to Ireland around the world's sandy beaches, he collected these beautiful sand grain specimens.

Dr. "Dr. Normally, when taking a picture enlarged so far the depth becomes very shallow, so in order to take these pictures I had to develop a new method.This picture shows different angles It is made by photographing sand grains several tens of times and combining them, "he talks about the method of photography.

A piece of crystal, a part of a spiral shell, a piece of volcanic rock, etc. are scraped by the tide fullness, the flow of a river, etc., and are producing sand granules of various shapes.

Pictures of other sand grains by Dr. Greenberg can be seen from the following site. - Microscope Photography Art Video Film Services Book Lectures Talks

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