Obviously SOFTBANK's communication trouble was artificially structured

ByOllie Crafoord

Softbank Mobile communication trouble occurred in Kansai on May 25, 2011, but it became clear that it was not caused by mechanical problems such as system trouble but was artificially structured It was.

About arresting former employees of outsourcing partners | SOFTBANK MOBILE Corp.

According to SOFTBANK MOBILE 's press release, former employees of the company' s outsourcing parties altered the line configuration data of the ATM transmission equipment for connecting the base stations and the network center via a server that monitors and controls, in 2011 On May 25, he was arrested today for allegedly causing communication problems for about 72,700 users in Osaka Prefecture, Hyogo Prefecture, Kyoto Prefecture, Shiga Prefecture and Nara Prefecture.

With regard to the communication trouble on May 25, since it seemed that there was a possibility of an artificial accident without the trace of external unauthorized access, we consulted with the Osaka prefectural police on May 26, the day after the disability occurred, June Damage notification has been submitted on the 6th and it has been withheld from publication from the viewpoint of investigation cooperation, but it was announced after the suspect was arrested.

The former employee of the arrested contractor was engaged in the data setting work of the transmission device connecting the base station and the network center at the Kansai Network Center of SOFTBANK MOBILE, the former employee used the control Tampering the line setting data of the ATM transmission device by inputting an illegal program into the terminal. It is believed to have suspended the base station for mobile phones.

The former employees of the outsourcing company have retired from the subcontractor on March 15, 2011 due to a bad physical condition, but on March 8 th - 9 th, 2011, each ATM A program for tampering the setting information to the transmission device is set to operate. Communication failures occurred at 3:58 am on May 25 and restored at 10:15 am May 26th.

By the way, as a reason to support the offense of the former employee, as a worker entering the network center entrance to the center, the surveillance person is checking each person at the entrance of the center, and in the operation room where the control terminal is installed It is cited that there was no trace of being unlawfully accessed from the outside, unless you possess a security card and you can not enter.

SoftBank Mobile is planning to increase the number of surveillance cameras installed in the space where the operation room and important communication facilities are installed from the current 252 to 1170 as a countermeasure against the same situation, We expanded the operation record object of the terminal, etc. and stated that we will work on preventing recurrence.

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