What is exotic as well as passion fruit and fruit as lyche, as well as madness? I tried gathering fanta world scattered around the world

Hello, Bike around the worldTakuya SAITO @ Chalidermanis. Fanta is also widely sold in Japan. There are a few people who have bought a lot by looking at a rare flavor. It is together also overseas.

Fanta being sold all over the world. I see a lot of unusual fantasies, such as I can not read the letters of the label, there are various flavors. I tried putting together two developments of such Fanta, six letters, 14 kinds of flavors. Do you have a fanta that everyone has seen?

This is normal fanta orange. Speaking of Fanta, you will imagine this form with oranges, carbonate. But Fanta has been developed in various ways. (Mali)

There is zero calorie fanta. (Norway)

There are also fantas without carbonation. It was a sweet orange juice. (Spain)

Fanta developed in various parts of the world is written with various letters.

Russian letters. (Kazakhstan)

Greek letters. (Greece)

Armenian letters. (Armenia)

Georgian characters. (Georgia)

Arabic script. (Morocco)

This country is also an Arabic script. (Iran)

In this country, it is still kanji. (China)

And not only Orange, but also various flavors are scattered around the world.

Lemon. (Spain)

Lyche. (Cambodia)

MARACUJA is a passion fruit in Portuguese. Passion fruit grainy things are included. (Portugal)

In French cocktail de fruit contained fruit cocktails, fruit grains and so on. (Guinea)

CASSIS in FrenchBlack currant fruit. (Guinea)

And in English it was BLACKCURRANT. I noticed that I was drinking the same taste of Fanta for the first time I looked it up. (Gambia)

In French, POMELO is grapefruit. (Mali)

Mandarin is not orange but mandarin oranges. It looks like it is different. (Mali)

FRAISE is French and strawberries. It is delicious when it is applied to oyster ice as a strawberry syrup. (Guinea)

In French ANANAS is pineapple. (Gambia)

In French, POMME is an apple. (Mali)

Finally, three shocking fantas that are no longer taste

Exotic (Kosovo)

Madness (Moldova)

Shokata. I do not understand the meaning. And light blue ... (Bosnia · Herzegovina)

Madness (enthusiastic), exotic (exotic), shokata and shocking fanta are all socialistic countries in the past have in common. And it is a country that we see from the transition of the era from old socialism to new capitalism. Amid such a turbulence, it might be that an exciting fanta was born.

Taking a look at the flavor of the found fanta,
· Lychee
·passion fruit
· Fruit cocktail
· Madness
· Shokata
have become.

I have seen Fanta of Water Melon (Watermelon) in Australia. And Burkina Faso who wrote this article also saw a rare fanta called Citron. There are still a lot of fanta worlds spreading in the world. I will continue my journey and I will do my best to be able to deliver the second bullet.

Fanta world, I do not know what it tastes like. Excuse me. (Romania)

The illustration on the back is cool with a dragon. (Vietnam)

(Sentences / Photos: Takuya S. Narou Charriderman
While cycling around the world bicycle,http://shuutak.com)

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