Painfully painful finishing that it is painful if it is harder than "18 ban curry" which is a minor refusal, "LEE spicy × 30 times"

At the 14th FABEX 2011 venue, the retort curry of Glico famous for spicy "LEE hotness × 30 times"When it exceeds the stimulus, I found a thing that the person in charge gets a word" 18 ban curry ".

This is one of the local curry in Ibaraki prefecture, and it is said that pursuing a very hot spicy. "LEE hot × 30 times" or "Ambulance curryAs the editorial department who tried to challenge, I could not overlook, and I tasted it on the spot immediately.

Details of the taste of "18 ban curry" are as follows.18 ban curry

Ibaraki prefecture special product corner "Isoyama trading company" booth is full of the retort curry here in Ibaraki.

Among them, a flashy flashy eye-catching package is "18 ban curry" (1000 yen including tax).

On the side is a letter of "painful spicy".

A golden 'adult' seal is stuck.

"A warm alert that" Please do not eat those who are under the age of 18 "because it is too hot.

I do not use any chemical seasoning in raw materials at all, I use domestic chicken and domestic vegetables, I use the material's umami and spicy skillfully.

315 kal per serving

Melon curry "(525 yen including tax) that uses melon made in Hokota city in Ibaraki prefecture where melon production is the most in Japan is also an issue.

I was asked to prepare because two kinds of "18 ban curry" and "melon curry" were available for tasting. "Melon curry" on the left, "18 ban no curry" on the right. I do not know the difference in appearance.

Firstly from "18 ban curry". I think that the moment I put it in my mouth is an ordinary curry, the violent spicyness attacks about 3 seconds later and the tingling pain on the tongue remains after that peak. As a level of spicyness it was somewhat higher than "LEE hotness × 30 times", but it is a feeling that it is weaker than "ambulance curry" which is not extraordinary spicy that enters the eardrum.

However, "LEE hot × 30 times" is followed by "It is painful but good! Another bite", whereas "18 ban curry" is a violent hotness ahead of us and the ham is blurred That's why I wanted a better time to retreat a bit more.

I am in a state seeking something to ease the spicy, but I will eat 'Melon Curry' that it is a mild taste. Although it is common to put fruits such as apples in the hidden taste of curry, the melon of this melon curry exceeds that limit, and the fruit feeling is extruded considerably on the whole surface. Although it is certainly mild, since the assertion was stronger than the spice of curry, it may have been good if it was more seasoned like curry.

"18 ban curry" is local curry, but mail order is also possible. In internet shoppingAmazonAnd official website, etc. Also, it is said that it is on sale at Don Quijote nationwide, so please try looking for people who have been aroused.

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