Unusual in major countries, all the horse scheduled to be in the Japanese derby is the grandson of Sun Decaynce

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Tokyo Yusubo (Japan Derby) will be held on May 29th (Sunday). Only 3 year old stallion and mares are races that can challenge only once in that life, and it is the race which is also the best stage for anyone if it is a horse race related person, but this year, I plan to go out 18 I found that the last registered horses of head are all grandchildren of sandeisairins.

It may be natural for descendants of outstanding stallions to concentrate on the big race, but it is extremely rare for these races to occur in major horse racing countries.

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Major horse of Derby, grandson of sun desirers sharp devilishment Brilliant in the main horse racing country Unusual: Nihon Keizai Shimbun

Tokyo Yusubo (Japan Derby) is a 3-year-old horse raceClassicIt is the core race of the fight line (triple crown route), this year we can say that it is a race to decide the top of the horses born in 2008.

Currently, there are 22 horses who have registered for the race to finish last year, but this year all thisSundasairenceI am in the state of a grandson of a stallion named.

The breakdown is the case that "father's father is sand desirers" there are 18 cases (deep Impact5 crops,Stay goldThree crops,AgnestakionThree crops,FujikiseekiTwo crops,Neo UniverseTwo crops,Hearts cryTwo crops,Manhattan CafeOne crop), 4 cases of "mother's father is sand desirer" (King KamehamehaTwo crops,Tanino GimletOne crop,Chief Bear HeartOne sticker).

Sandeisairence was a racehorse born in the United States in 1986 and showed active success including winning two of the three American crown races of 1989. However,HaloAlthough it was a horse that shines twice for Leading Sire (annual earnings prize amount of crops ranked first in ranking), mothersWishing WellAs Understanding, the father's father, had not served active horses other than this Wishing Well, sand desirence was imported into Japan and sent a stallion life.

Before the lamppost was running, the evaluation was not very high, although it was sandeysirence, it was decided to show an outrageous achievement that the performance was very good when I tried to run the crown and it became the leading sire for 13 consecutive years. Sun desirers have strong libido, and may be a reason for having lots of stencils because it did not disturb the seeds to 200 heads and did not bother.

Although sundesiraines died in 2002, its strong influence is clear also in that all the horses who are planning to enter the derby are grandchildren of sundecsirence. However, Nomoto reporters pointed out that biasing towards this sundasairence lineage, "the possibility of inbreeding also increases, there is a possibility that it will be difficult to make a strong horse among domestic horses". While inbreeding creates a strong racehorse, eventually the falling horse producerMarcel · BoussacThe case is famous (The view that inbreeding is a trigger for failure is wrongThere is also pointed out).

Like the Japanese derby, the name of "Derby" is named and the American Kentucky Derby is known to constitute a tri-crown race, but among 19 of the 19 races who took part in the race held on May 7, It seems that there were only four pairs of fathers whose fathers were the same.

By the way, this year's Japanese derby's CMToukai TeaFootage is used, but it is not too bad that it is not even a successor horse as a stallion (note: as of May 2011), not a Taio gig in a derby.

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Later, Toukaioi died on August 15, 2013, without giving out successor stallion at the time of his life.

In November 2014, an article reporting that Child · Quilt Fine born in 2010 "Spring next spring (Spring 2015, becoming a stallion)" was published in Nikkan Sports, but also local race owner "A party to protect the blood of Toukaitei"When thinking about a horse, when it comes to the environment where you can apply for seeding, it is the timing of" entering stallions ". That thing.

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