Tamiya's "Campanese", "Yakitori can", "CAN BREAD" Original foods designed like plastic models Taste Review

Tamiya is a famous company such as plastic model, radio control, ya and also mini 4WD, but also sells original clothing such as T-shirts and hats.

this time,Shizuoka Hobby Show VenueAt Tamiya booth in Fukui, I found not only clothing but "Campan"Or"Yakitori can"And canned food containing bread"CAN BREAD"Tamiya's original foods such as. What kind of taste are these kinds of foods designed with a good sense as well as the main model plastic model etc?

Details of the actual taste and appearance are as follows.TAMIYA INC. Tamiya Co., Ltd. | Information on hobby show special sales products

This is "CAN BREAD (3 can sets)" 1323 yen. It looks very Tamiya's goods, but it certainly contains the Tamiya logo.

I opened it. There are three types of CAN BREAD, "CAN BREAD", "CAN BREAD", "CAN BREAD".

It is very unusual just to call canned bread.

This is "CAN BREAD (Plain)" 441 yen.

It was said that it was also offered to the SDF during Iraq support.

Current charge name. "Shellfish Calcium" is something that is not familiar to me.

As long-term preservation is possible so that it is perfect as an emergency food. In addition, Iwashimizu and underflow water of Mt. Fuji is used, and synthetic preservatives and synthetic coloring are not used at all.

The calorie is 100 g and 362 kcal.

There was an introduction of the Self Defense Force set.

When I open it there is a flat bread figure inside. By the way, I do not need a can openerPuttopis.

It was bread wrapped in wrapped paper in the lower half of what was inside. When removing from the can, the side is slightly scraped.

It is a surface.

I will get you. It is quite soft and bread with a slightly sweet taste. It is a very simple taste, it feels like a middle of taste of all.

Next is "CAN BREAD (coffee)" 441 yen.

Current charge name. I have coffee.

The calorie is 100 g and 354 kcal.

I will open it quickly.

Looks like this. It is darker than the plane.

It was somewhat harder than the plain when I put it in my mouth, and there was a slightly sweetness in the coffee flavor that I would not argue so much. Impression that this is also for all people.

The last is "CAN BREAD (Azuki)" 441 yen.

Domestic bean paste is 100%.

Raw material name etc.

The calorie is 100 g and 344 kcal.

And opening it.

Since azuki is embedded as it is, it is an unusual impression from others.

I tried eating Pakuto. The bread itself is not much different from the plane, but there is a presence as there is unusual chewy beans. It is likely to be the most popular among the three types as only the topping is included.

This time "Tamiya yakitori can (gentle taste)" 609 yen.

It can be stored for 3 years for long term, it is family size of 3 ~ 4 servings.

Yakitori is a signature product of Hotafuizu making canned beakers since 1970.

It answers the question you are worried about "Why can you catch fire with emergency food?" It seems because it is compatible with campagne, long-term preservation is possible, and it is also delicious.

Raw material name.

Calories are 515 kcal in one can.

There was also an introduction of the SDF kit here.

When opening the box, a very simple canning will appear.

I opened it and tried it. Strong chewiness produces satisfaction, but the taste personality is somewhat weak, again the impression that everyone likes taste. In general, yakitori is suitable for snacks, but saltiness is somewhat weak, so it's not suitable for snacks.

Next is "Tamiya Campan" 504 yen.

It is an authentic school that it is adopted as land, sea, sky 3 SDF.

Morning, noon, evening and one day's included.

Nutrition information table was written in English on the side.

Introduction of the SDF kit on the other side.

On the back side, the origin of the campan is written.

Raw material name etc.

Calorie is 5 bags per bag and 380 kcal.

The correct storage method was also described.

It was a bag of aluminum that was in the box.

In it there is a campagne like this.

There is hardness unique to Campan, sweetness will ooze out while chewing. Sesame seems to be an accent with a good feeling, but it seems to be hard to eat in large quantities as the mouth is thirsty.

When I tried eating it with the previous grilled chicken, I immediately got better deliciousness. It is really compatible and reborn as a fun meal at a stroke.

This time "Tamiya wrapping bus cookie" 357 yen. Tamiya characters "Mohoko" and "Rabbi-kun" which were active around the 1980's are drawn.

The package imitates a bus.

Tamiya logo on the top.

Raw material name.

There are cookies inside.

When I ate it I had a strong sweetness and there was a feeling that my mouth was slightly sticky. The taste of the egg is intense, the taste resembles the balloons such as sweets.

Finally "Abe River Ochi" 960 yen.

Shizuoka hobby show limited version.

It is a representative specialty of Tokaido.

Raw material name etc.

When I tried to break the exterior, it looked like this.

There are 4 bags.

Since it is a sweet, you must eat it early.

I immediately opened it.

Tasting is started by sprinkling with Kinako.

First of all, bean paste. We enjoyed a simple and well matched harmony with sprinkling Kinako flour, and there was a stable taste only for standard items.

Kinna mortar was not so tasty, it was even more simple taste.

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