Completely booked order limited production "KISSDAM R - ENGAGE planet -" BD - BOX reservation reception starts, is the last chance of making video software

The animation which started broadcasting in April 2007 "Kissdom - ENGAGE planet -". Although it is an animation that had turned into a vision almost at once because the image software conversion (DVD conversion) has been postponed for an indefinite period and there is no rebroadcast on television,Since April 2011 rebroadcasting has been done at BS 11,FurthermoreBD-BOX conversion is decided as complete booked order-only limited product whose production is decided at reservation deposit number of 2000 or more.

From today, reservation reception of BD - BOX of this fully - booked order - only product has started. This may be the opportunity for the final image software conversion, so please do not forget the people of the fans.
Product information | KISSDUM R - ENGAGE planet -

"Kiss Dem - ENGAGE planet -" was broadcasted from April to September 2007. In recent years, TV animation is advertised as "the release of DVD & BD is decided!" When the first episode is broadcast, but this work is said that this video software has been postponed for an indefinite period Rare example. It is said that this is caused by trouble in the production system and collapse in the schedule, and at the time of this first broadcast actually the fourth episode was almost entirely content.

This time it is BD-BOXed is a new epilogue modified by modifying the contents "Kissdom R - ENGAGE planet -". It was broadcast on BS 11 from April 2008 to September 2008 and is currently under rerun.

In addition to recording the 4th episode at the first broadcasting as the video privilege (Section 4 "Fire Kagirohi") and CM and PV which were originally planned to be released as a DVD release announcement, the first section " "Includes the director, Yasufumi Nagaoka, Daisuke Ono, Akino Onomi, Suzuka Yuki, audio commentary by Rika Yuzuki, and in the twenty-fifth section" Hajimari Shinsengumi "directed by Eiichi Sato, Daisuke Ono, Yuichi Nakamura, Aya Endo, Audio commentary is attached.

Also, in addition to recording non-telop OP and ED for both "Kiss Dam" and "Kiss D R", as well as "The way to KISSDAM R BD", interviews with director Eiichi Sato and Daisuke Ono are decided .

For those who made a reservation, the questionnaire on the number of talks desired for the TV Tokyo version is taken and the number of top talks is recorded as a video privilege.

The application reception period is from 12 o'clock May 9 th to 6 th 6 th 12 o'clock, and the payment acceptance period is from 12 o'clock on June 10 to 23:59 on August 10. Price is 38,000 yen including tax. If you miss this, it may not be converted to video software anymore, so please do not forget the reservation and payment if you are interested.

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