Sailor uniform + pretty girl + Japanese sword = "Angel Wars" Movie release for the first 5 minutes of the main part, Chubu sickness with full visual strength from the beginning

By imagination, I changed my mental hospital to a prostitute in a lingerie figure with a sailor suit + a Japanese sword + a superhuman fighting power + with the help of attractive fellows, a rough and giant warrior who roars a Gatling gun with an armor armor In order to escape literally from the harsh situation such as a huge dragon that gives off a burning flame, even this or even this is about to be about how much fantasy action scenes meaning unknown semantic action scenes are developed one by one in this "Angel Wars"is.

Actually went to the screening show and saw this story, but the story clearly said, omake, but video beauty, especially the battle scenes of the battle scenes are quite awesome. If you say "Chunichi DiseaseIt will be like this if you fully explore the actions of a fantasy type with live action! It was a tremendous degree of perfection such as "It is my strongest beautiful girl fantasy battle action that I thought!" Beforehand, and it seemed like it was like assembling a story in the opposite direction from there . "Do not think, feel" in the ground, so do not worry about having cracked cracks and crushing each other if you go to see it.

Therefore, various animation movies of movie + pretty girls training video + setting commentary for the beginning 5 minutes of this volume are from the following.
Angel Wars

YouTube - "Angel Wars" at the beginning of the main volume 5 minutes / GIGAZINE precedent exclusive release

YouTube - Movie "Angel Wars" Animation Movie ~ DRAGON ~

YouTube - Movie "Angel Wars" Animation Movie ~ DISTANT PLANET ~

YouTube - Movie "Angel Wars" Animation Movie ~ THE TRENCHES ~

YouTube - Movie "Angel Wars" Animation Movie ~ FEUDAL WARRIORS ~

The other main scenes are as follows.

The backstage is like this.

YouTube - "Angel Wars" Training footage of beautiful girls

◆ Title: "Angel Wars"
Public notation: April 15 (Fri) Marunouchi Piccadilly and other national road show!
◆ Official website:
◆ Distribution: Warner Bros. Movie

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